Thursday, December 29, 2011

Redhead Goes to Japan

This weekend my sister, Amanda, will be on her merry way to Japan. I think she is still in a slight state of shock that it is finally happening. She has been wanting to visit for, hmm, I'd say two years or more. I, being a good sister, have kindly reminded her (on several occasions) to please take a ton of pictures like a true tourist. She won't be frolicking about on her lonesome thankfully; Amanda has a special someone who will be able to take care of her and show her around whilst visiting.

Amanda very kindly asked if I or my husband wanted anything from Japan. Thanik's only request was for sushi...Perhaps a nice picture of sushi instead, okay sweetie? I can't think of anything quite so specific, so I think she will just surprise me, which is far more fun. 


Briefly touching back to the past holiday weekend, Amanda could not grace us with her presence because she was sick unfortunately. Instead, Thanik and I will at least be able to see her off before she leaves the country this weekend. I do hope she has a safe trip.
Have any of you been to Japan? I'd love to hear about it.

A rather interesting video; it gives a nice tour of Tokyo by way of the sky train at night.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December Wishlist

I do not own a pair of Mr. Campbell's lolita shoes, nor do I think I ever will, but holy goodness I am in love with this print. Wait, is it just the print, not the design that I like? Maybe a bit. I don't generally gravitate to chunky shoes anyway. You'll notice in several of my picks right away that I have a galaxy theme going. "Do you follow trends?" No, I do not, I just honestly love galaxy's, astronomy, and all that scientific goodness. The hubby and I love to watch The Universe for relaxation before bedtime.

 Now these Campbell shoes I'd be more likely to wear. I do love wedges--although I own none, haha. However, I'm very unpracticed with heels that are even 3 inches, so even these beauties I'd probably have to pass up. That and considering most if not all of Jeffrey Campbell shoes are over $100, they're not in my price range. Sigh, I'll just keep staring a bit.

Here I'd like to own the galaxy leggings, not Lexy of course. Tights and leggings are some of my favorite ways to layer and the print of these are just a perfect "bonus Jonas," as Bunny would say. I do hope I can get my hands on a pair some day just so I can say "I look out of this world." Hazza for lame puns.

Leather leggings, yes please. Well, rather faux leather modeled here by the beautiful Wendy from Wendy's Lookbook. Leather would be so much fun to play with. I could dress is up--just like Wendy--wear it for a tough look, even a soft vibe. The possibilities are endless.

Ahh velvet leggings. I would have to go for this royal blue color or a 'royal' purple. I have been trying to introduce more textures into my wardrobe and these would be a lovely addition, mhm.

I'd thought about adding some hats in here, but considering I already covered that in Hat Love, I thought it sensible to not overtly repeat myself. In addition, there are quite a few vintage pieces I'm in love with from Etsy, but I think I'll do a separate post for that.

::Picture credit::
Cosmic Lolita

99 Pink Wedge
  Velvet Leggings

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lovely Christmas with the Hubby

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend (almost over)! The hubby and I had a nice mellow Christmas day. To start it off we slept in and for breakfast had our favorite biscuits with gravy, scrambled eggs with sliced tomatoes and coffee. Mmm, perfect.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Hat Love: Bowler, Top Hat & Beret

I have a thing or thing-let if you will, for hats. But not just any hats, no no, classic hats such as top hats, bowlers and berets. Out of those three I only have one, a bowler hat and not even a legit one. Lawlz. It's a simple black (knock-off really) design gifted by my sister from either Yesstyle or Zipia. Nevertheless, I'd still love to have the hat in perhaps two other colors as well, green and blue.
As a bonus, classic hat boxes to [properly] store my future hat collection would be spiffing. It would be a great excuse to check out vintage and antique stores. Hmm, reduce and reuse right?

(Pic. from kasey)


Classic Bowler Hats:

  (Pic. from buzznet)

You can't leave out royalty, right?

  (Pic. from hollywoodrev)

(Pic. from village hats)
This one may be too fun to pass up.

I just love the classic silhouette of top hats. Perhaps naturally it reminds me of theatre, 1) because a nickname for it is 'opera hat' and 2) I majored in theatre. Good times. I wouldn't need a special ocassion to dawn such a statement piece either, I'd brave it out for a simple cup o' joe. Oh oh, and I'd love to pair it with a cape coat and oxford shoes. Positively dashing---for a lady. 

  (Pic. from britannica)

  (Pic. from hat lounge)

The beret is a signature look for Brit blogger Carrie of wishwishwish; and she is a definite style inspiration as well. Up to date I believe she has 6 beret's in differing colors. In this post Carrie briefly muses about adding a sparkled one to her collection. For me I'd love to do a DIY project and sew on my own sparkled design. When I get such a chance, I'll certainly show 'behind the scenes' of the project.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Celebrations

I am excited for this weekend because my sister, Amachan, is coming to visit! Thus she'll be celebrating Christmas with myself and my hubby. The three of us always have a great time together. In addition, I've already made sure Amachan brings her camera (I don't have one) so she can help me--finally--take photos for ze blog. Yay? Ha, well I am excited. I have been wanting to post "outfit pictures" for funzies and to share some DIY pictures on how I'd like to revamp old clothes. I have many ideas zooming around in my noggin and the weather will be nice so we can take photos outside, too. =)

We don't have anything crazy planned, perhaps the typical items: watch some movies, taking photos as mentioned, cooking and chit chatting. Such simple times are often the best though in my opinion. =)

For some holiday cheer:






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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Modern Style Inspiration, Ze Ladies

I've been feeling uninspired lately of what to wear. Pssh, typical girl thing. So, I thought it would be perfect to share my findings of style inspiration for everyone to enjoy. This round is for the ladies, but no worries (if there are any), future posts will be geared towards ze men as well as, I shall play with vintage outfits to toss into the game. Hm, a style inspiration series? Yes, a plethora of goodness.
I'd thought about making a video out of this, but currently didn't want to hastle with finding music that wouldn't be dubbed as copyright. A future project, then...


Marla Singer, playing with color pallets.
Her blog,

Monday, November 28, 2011

How To Be Thai, Part II

A smaller portion this time. Please enjoy, ladies and gentlemen, the second part of how to be Thai. Ooh, I sound like a presenter now.

That's not spicy
A fair amount of Thai food is spicy. I'm currently in 'middle school' of spice. I love it when Thai food is being served at an event and they've supposedly "toned down" the spice, but the poor folk trying it still tear up from it. I laugh a bit…on the inside.

 Be jealous. I'm jealous. Ladies and gents, this is street Thai food. My hubby says it's delicious and I believe him...I'm hungry now.

That's cool
When someone thinks something is cool, in English we'll say that's cool, awesome, sweetand so forth. In Thai they'll say something that sounds very similar to the English word "knee." It's not really a word, just a slang expression. If you say this when around Thai folk, you'll get brownie points. Of course, you'd have to say it in the correct tone---third tone in this case---considering there are five tones in the Thai language. Hmm, I'll see if I can find you a video of someone saying this expression.

No touchy
No matter your age, as long as you're younger you should not touch an elders head out of respect.The head is considered the most important or sacred part of the body.

There was an incident that I happened to touch Thanik's fathers head, just to fix his hair. After the fact Thanik informed me I normally shouldn't do that, but it's alright considering I did not know that to begin with. Thankfully his dad is very chill, too. Nevertheless, it made me feel a bit shameful afterword.

More bowing

This isn't specifically Thai, but I'll enlighten you for funzies.

Let's say you're having family over at your house and your aunt is laying on the couch. When walking past, you should bow slightly out of respect. Don't fret though, this is only applied to family gatherings, perhaps a get-together with friends, that sort of scenario. So don't worry about bowing at everyone in a crowd.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

How To Be Thai, Part I

In the previous post, How To Be Asian, I covered some basics. As you know (I hope) not all Asians are the same, so let me break down some basics on how to be Thai. I was surprised how many unique qualities I came up with, so as to not overload your brain I'll split it in two parts in true Hollywood fashion (get it?).

Being polite
Thai folk have a special way of being polite in addition to their please and thank you. A lady will say "ka" and a gent says "krub," which sounds like crab at the end of a sentence. You will hear these expressions most often if he/she is talking to an elder. Considering there isn't anything like that in English, I'm still getting used to it. Sure I can say ma'am and sir, respectively, but if I said it as often as I would say "ka," people may just question my education.

In the video below you'll get to hear what "krub" and "ka" sounds like. If you're interested to watch the whole video, you can learn how to introduce yourself in Thai, although the lady doesn't go into explanations about the correct tones to use…Enjoy!

When greeting, saying good-bye or saying thank you Thai people will bow. A Thai bow sort of looks like they're praying. This is so engrained in me now that I sometimes instinctively want to bow to people who aren't even Asian. I have done this honestly, but thankfully with a mere slight bow of my head and not a full on praying session. There are some rules of when and when not to bow and whom to bow to, but I won't fuss about that.

To all fellow folk who are married (or not) to an Asian, you must do this too right--bowing to a non Asian?

 (Picture from this blog)
 Adorable. She's even wearing traditional clothing.

The sniff
To show affection Thanik will seemingly sniff my cheek. Basically, he presses his nose against my cheek and, you know, takes an intake of breath when moving away. I'm sure a picture or video would make a lot more sense. In any case, the first time Thanik did this to me I did ask, "Why are you sniffing my cheek?"
Moral of the story, if a Thai friend does this to you, it's their way of showing they care. Aww.

American fried rice
It came from Thailand.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

How To Be 'Asian,' Some Basics

Since I've been with Thanik, naturally there are habits that I have picked up and are now apart of my normal routine. I'm merely listing out things that are, shall I say universally Asian, therefore, not specifically Thai. I will do a separate post on things I've found to be more 'specifically' Thai. Good times, ya.

Perfecting the "squat"
I had wondered why Asians in particular seem to prefer this stance (?). The reason is quite simple as I learned from a friend, Satoshi; to keep clean. He too found it curious why we, Americans, sit directly on the ground since it's dirty. Haha, in any case, I have adopted this way of sitting and find it quite comfortable.

Take your shoes off, thanks

It did take me awhile to get used to this one. Now of course my eyes twitch a little bit when my sister, for instance, comes over and forgets to remove her shoes at the front door until I politely remind her to do so.

Believe it or not, Asian men tend to demand/want more attention comparatively to American men. This one surprised me when Thanik and I started dating. Honestly because of him, I have in turn sought a lot of attention out of him. Here is a great example of how we are:


Perfecting rice cooking abilities
Speaks for itself.

Showing respect to elders

This is a bit of a no brainer, but I do feel that this non spoken rule has a--stronger enforcement for the Asian community, so to speak. I'll delve into more about experiences with Thai folk in this situation in the next post.

Asian food preference

This can depend on each individual, but in my case I prefer Asian food over American. Because of this it can sometimes be difficult to eat out with the hubby since I'd rather not eat at, well, any American restaurants. Ironically perhaps Thanik is peachy with eating almost anything American.


I am still working on this, but I can hold my own pretty well. Thai people really only use chopsticks when eating sushi and noodles, otherwise they use a fork and spoon. Did you catch that? Not all Asians use chopsticks to eat [everything]. Amazing.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Conversation With Ra

My sister's cat Ra has to be one of the most entertaining felines I've come across. Below is a short real life story of a---moment in Ra's sometimes bizarre life. 

Amachan is in the restroom getting ready for bed when Ra saunters in and proceeds to complain.

Ra: *stares at Amachan* Meow---meow.
Amachan: What Ra?
Ra: …Meow.
Amachan: *has homemade facial that smells nice/delicious in hand* You can't eat this Ra.
Ra: Meeeow---Meow---Meow.
Amachan: This isn't a treat Ra.
Ra: *stubborn* Meow.
Amachan: *leans down and whispers* Ra, go ask mom for a treat…Go on, ask mom for a treat.

Ra seems to take a few moments to ponder, then exits the bathroom. After a minute or two, Amachan really does wonder if Ra went to mom.

Amachan: *calls out* Hey mom?
Mom: Yeah?
Amachan: Are you in the kitchen?
Mom: Yes.
Amachan: ...Is Ra in there?
Mom: Yes.
Amachan: Is he whining at you?
Mom: ..Um, yes.
Amachan: He wants a treat.

Yes, this tale surprised me too. I'm going to see if I can convince Amachan to occasionally film Ra for mine and your amusement.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nina in Japan

(Picture from Google)

When I finally have a little one I would love for him or her to be like Nina.
My sister Amachan, as I call her, sent me a video link to watch a positively adorable, funny and smart little girl named Nina. Her father thankfully decided to post videos of his ball of fun daughter on YouTube so his family back in the US could see her. He lives in Japan with his wife--who is Japanese--and daughter.

Nina is now 6 years old and understandably since she recently started elementary school her father has decided to stop posting videos of her. Nevertheless, you should still watch the videos available because it is impossible to watch them just once. Nina's papa taught her English too, so it's fascinating to hear her switch back and forth between Japanese and English. Nina's personality can always bring a smile to anyone's face.

Some odd years down the road Thanik and I would love to take our little one to Japan because they have the coolest playgrounds and parks for kids. Take a look at this video to see. I'd love to play too, but I would have to go in the middle of the night so folk don't see the odd sight of a grown woman pretending she's a pirate on a ship---or something. Therefore, having a little one equals the perfect excuse for me to play too. Yessss.

Like Nina, our little one will be half Asian and bilingual. Positively adorable! Nina's channel is quite useful for any parent wanting to teach their child two languages at once. Simple key factors is to start early, make it fun, keep it relaxed, and repetition. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wendy's Lookbook, Petite & Spunky

That's it, think of a happy little thought.
Peter Pan reference equals a gold star.

Who doesn't consistently look for style inspiration? I know I do, whether I realize I am or not. Ya know, the whole subconscious factor. In any case, I can say "sweet ace" because I found another style outlet. I've watched a few of Wendy's videos on her YouTube channel and her seemingly unstoppable spunk and creative directory (I hope that's the way to phrase it) make her videos fun to watch. 

I don't share the exact same style as Wendy, but the type of pieces she wears and her tips are relevant for me. Plus, she's a petite lady like myself, so I can relate to difficulties she may come across in dressing a petite frame. I, however, would be considered a "tall" petite person since I'm 5' 3". Yay for a slightly greater chance at reaching high shelves.

I have not been following Wendy's blog for long, so I can't comfortably give any kind of detailed opinion. Nevertheless, I'm the type that pays attention to design, layout, all that goodness, so I will compliment her on that.
WARNING: A brief discussion on tech type stuff is about to ensue.
I don't like fussy blog designs that overload my retinas. Clean, easy to navigate and de-cluttered blogs are welcome on my doorstep. Her post style is, as I can tell, simple and filled each time with wonderful pictures. As well, she "blogs" with a very friendly and conversational manner.

Below is one of my favorite videos. Who doesn't love scarves? They're a great accessory and an easy way to create numerous looks by either switching out the scarf with a particular outfit or just tying it in a different way. 

(All pictures from wendy'

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Daring Style

Be bold.
Be creative.
Express yourself.

Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage.

 You can shop Nicole's vintage store, based in Australia, here. I adore her personal style, so it's no wonder I'm in love with her store's vintage collection.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Preppy and a Dash of UK

I can't argue with the classic look of prep, BUT mixed with UK tea time flare. I'm not sure if the last part made sense, but I'm sticking with it. I have a definite mix of style and the 'prep' if you will, is part of it.

Penny Loafers? Yeees.
Bow ties? ...previous is dedicated to bow ties.
Tweed? My special friend.
Rolled pant hem? …*insert famous person who wore/wears this style*

Susie Bubble--love her--of Style Bubble and Steve Salter of Style Salvage. (The wording and pictures are backwards...)

Why the preppy style is super:

1)  I feel like I'm Professor Tolkien.
2)  Always look put together.
3)  I get to wear fun bow ties.
4)  If it's possible to feel like a season, well then it makes me feel like autumn, which equals warm fuzzy feelings.
5)  …More good stuff.

I'll have to acquire the assistance of my sister to help create a look book of spiffing  images that show how I dress preppy. Jolly good ol' chap.

 This lady, Jamie Beck, is a new style inspiration for me. She flawlessly dresses vintage I'd say 24/7.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Snappy Bow Ties

Lately I've been healthily obsessed intrigued with bow ties. Even when I was pint-sized I knew they were spiffy.
I'm itching to check out vintage stores, thrift stores and the like to see what gems catch my fancy. I understand that bow ties are 'making a comeback,' so it's cool to wear them now. Frankly I think they're cool to wear anytime no matter what the fashion folk say. They're classic pieces, 'nuff said.

Classic black bow tie.

 The floral shirt is a lovely feminine touch.

Clip-on's? Leave those to the kids. It's far more satisfying to have a grown up bow tie that you tie yourself. I'll certainly get some neutrals such as solids, classic polka dots and stripes, but that's mostly child's play. I'm particularly drawn to the more funky colors and patterns.

You can find bow ties anywhere really, it just depends on how much you're willing to spend. For instance, a place I'd love to splurge---like once a year because of their prices---are pieces from a London brand called Marwood. Be-a-u-tiful lace designs. Please and thank you.

If you want to wear a bow tie, go for it. Pair it with some type of button up collared shirt and you're hoppin'…..does anyone say that anymore?

BAM! Cuteness factor.