Monday, May 16, 2011

The Hobbit - Excitement, 18 Months In Advance

I was browsing through rottentomatoes and stumbled upon a video blog on The Hobbit! I knew that Peter Jackson was going to make the movie, in two parts, but I didn't know of its release date until today; not until December 2012. Sigh...Nevertheless, I look forward to it! I may have to persuade the hubby to see the midnight premiere with me. If I remember correctly, I saw The Two Towers and Return of the King's midnight premiere.

 (Pic provided by Peter's facebook.)

I'm not sure what to expect considering the story is a children's tale. Does that mean Mr. Jackson will have a slightly different style to it?
I am glad there are several original cast members from the trilogy. It can be harder for audience members to accept a fully new cast when we've become used to an original.

These gentlemen shall be returning for the films.
(Pic provided by

 Mr. Blue Eyes himself shall return as well.
(Pic. provided by

Click here to view the video blog. If you're a fan of Mr. Jackson and his LOTR work, then have fun clicking through this website dedicated to The Hobbit and here for his facebook.

(Pic. provided by Peter's facebook)

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