Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just for the Men - The Style Blogger

Not long ago my husband introduced me to a blog called 'The Style Blogger' by Dan Trepanier. It is dedicated to men's clothing, and I love it. I have learned a great deal from this blog and have acquired a greater appreciation for men's style.  The information and tips Dan provides are easy to understand.
I have always been aware how difficult it is for men to---have choices in clothing (I hope that makes sense). For men, it's really the small details that can make a difference. A great example is business suits in particular. In this post Dan put the spotlight on his friend Gabe Schulman, a corporate man, who must follow a more strict dress policy. Therefore, he can't wear anything too flashy to stand out.

Stunning and sharp shoes.

One of my favorite posts is "Tip-of-the-Day: 7 1/2 Ways to Wear a Tie with Attitude" (link here).  It seems like simple 'alterations' in which to wear a tie, but some styles I don't think I would have thought of, such as this:

It is so refreshing to see a gentleman wear clothes that fit properly. Dan emphasizes this throughout his blog about wearing a proper fit. Indeed it is so common to see men wear, for example, shirts 2 or even 3 sizes too big. If I recall correctly, Dan mentioned bigger clothes do not in turn make you look bigger.  Here is a good post on the subject of dressing your body type; in this case if you're small in stature. 

Another favorite post is Dan's interpretation on decade fashions starting from the 1920s and onward. I wasn't aware of the particular 30s style for men, which I really like. It's very casual, but still unique especially when compared to what you see men wear for casual attire now; jeans, print t-shirt and sneakers. 

I enjoy incorporating some men's style into my own  daily wear, but sparingly. Nevertheless, I would like to add more pieces such as bow ties, button up shirts, hats and braces, which are different from suspenders (shown in the picture below).

The picture below is from the summer of 2010, which shows my own androgynous look. I am on the left and with me is my older, yes older sister.  

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