Friday, May 20, 2011

A Little Jazz, A Little French

I have a feeling I'll be saying this phrase a lot, "my husband introduced me to…" What can I say,  he has good taste in a multitude of things. No complaints here. Without further adieu then.
My husband introduced me to jazz singer Stacey Kent, whom I quite enjoy.
She is an American born jazz singer who studied French, Italian and German in Europe for a Masters degree in comparative literature before venturing into her love of music. Without overwhelming you with many factual details, please read more about her here.

(Pic. provided by Google)

I've been listening to Kent's French album Raconte-Moi the most thus far. If I had not known she was American, I would've thought she was a native French singer from listening to her album. I'm sure native speakers could easily tell she is not (perhaps), but I am easily fooled since I am not accustomed to French. I had a brief 'introduction' to French when I was in the 7th grade and I barely remember anything from it.

( Pic. provided by Google)

It is not simply that I love jazz as to why I like Stacey Kent, but of course her voice is very lovely to hear. She has an effortless old jazz feel to it like Billie Holiday or Ella Fitzgerald, but with a modern, if you will, touch. It is very relaxing listening to her music. I get the feeling that I am in a quaint coffee shop in Europe.
A couple English songs I particularly enjoy is 'Hushabye Mountain,' which makes me think of Narnia and 'What A Wonderful World.'

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