Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thai Language, Speaking In Code

Most often people in the U.S. learn Spanish, French or German for their second language.  I assume these three considering they are often the only options in middle school and/or high school. I myself took two years of Spanish in 9th and 10th grade. It was more like an introduction to the language for those two years. I honestly remember very little.
 I think it's best I learn a language that will be useful in my everyday life (some just for  fun too of course). With that in mind...

This is from June 2010 at a Thai restaurant where my hubby and sister treated me to lunch for my birthday. 

My 'official' second language is Thai. Well, I am still learning the language at present, mostly on my own. I did take lessons with two friends, Mo and Kim, off and on for about 7-ish months  in the beginning. In that time they taught me how to read and write, counting, the 5 tones, and a smattering of words and phrases in Thai.
Oh yes, why am I learning it? Without clearly mentioning it beforehand, my husband is Thai.
ชอบมากค่ะ !!

Tis a picture from my wedding day. I'm wearing a beautiful traditional Thai dress and earrings. I think this calls for a post on wedding dresses, no?

I love the language. A major benefit is since Thai is not widely spoken, it's like I get to speak in code! Unless I'm in Thailand, there is a slim chance someone will know what I am saying. Sneeeaky.
It is great fun when Thanik will briefly forget that I know some Thai and he says something---mm, very blatant when he's talking to a friend. He'll immediately put on an innocent expression..Cheeky.
I feel very proud and happy when Thanik or a friend of ours compliments me on my pronunciation. I do try!  =]

What language are you currently learning?

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