Saturday, May 7, 2011

Style Inspiration at 90

I recently discovered Ari Seth Cohen's blog, Advanced Style. I absolutely adore it. What else can I say but inspirational. Ari captures pictures and videos of older gentlemen and women who have awesome style. Allow me to put some focus on a particular lady, Ilona Smithkin, whom Ari has written a good deal about. She is a colorful, joyous and lively woman who is very much about enjoying life, surrounding one's self with positive people and expressing yourself, especially through personal style. I aspire to have and maintain Ilona's attitude as I grow older. I'm a positive person, Ilona just helps fuel my--outlook on life, if that makes sense.

(Picture by Ari Seth Cohen)

Click here for several videos of Ilona.
I know when I was younger if I saw a lady like Ilona I would have thought, "Wow, that's too much for me." However, I now think, "Wow, that is amazing; she is a confident woman."

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