Friday, May 27, 2011

Thai Music - Asian Persuasion

I am trying to be a good student and listen to just Thai music. Since I am learning Thai, it's a good method to immerse myself with the language as much as possible. I do slip up sometimes not just with English, but listening to Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese or Chinese. It's the Asian Persuasion people. Nevertheless, I have been good and listening to only Thai…when I'm not listening to, you know, English. Ahem.
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Before I met Thanik, I had never listened to Thai music, nor had I really heard of the language for that matter. Thus, he had to help me find music I would like. On the top of the list is Palmy, Tattoo Colour, Mild, Potato, Bodyslam and Ice Saranyu. The last one is not really Thanik's cup o' tea, but I enjoy some cheesy pop sometimes.

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I've had fun searching on my own for new artists to listen to. Here is a YouTube channel dedicated to Thai music: welovekamikaze. Their pop is hilarious and fantastic at the same time. Many of the female artists are sometimes too---bubble gum pop for me, but some days it is just the dose of sweetness that I am needing to jump start my day. More for the gentelman in the pop genre, they seem to be influenced by K-pop or is that just me? Not a bad thing at all, just a moment of "oh, well how about them apples." I've slowly been building up my Thai playlist on my channel the3rdbar, but sometimes it can be a challenge to even find music videos of good quality..

Here is a favorite rap song of mine that I will some day know all the lyrics to:

If you have any suggestions of whom I should check out, please leave a comment.  =]

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