Friday, June 10, 2011

Vintage Clothes, I Approve

Ahh vintage clothing, how lovely they are. I think my love affair started when I was about 13 or 14. I still have one of my first purchases; a peach color dress from the 50s. It was a little big then, so it still fits I'm happy to say.
I am particularly drawn to the 40s and 50s style. Can I just say that I love everything about it? Alright, well one explanation is the elegance of the pieces. Oh, and some of the print designs for skirts and dresses are rather whimsical. So fun.

This skirt looks delicious, in a manner of speaking of course.

I remember an antique store near the southern border of Minnesota that always had an amazing selection of clothes. Unfortunately I can't recall the name at this time, it's been about two years since I've been there. I was able to get several pieces for incredibly low prices such as a 60s skirt for a mere seven dollars. 

Pic. provided by

I love that vintage clothing has a lot of character to it. I don't dislike all modern designs, but I can be picky with them. For instance, if I went to the local mall I'd find maybe a couple dresses or skirts that I like. Barely there skirts and likewise revealing dresses are not my taste. Not all modern pieces are like this, I know, but you get my point. Let the boys use their imagination, ya.

I adore Strawberry Koi's style.

A favorite place to shop for vintage clothing online has been Etsy (there are all sorts of handmade goods, too). A few of my favorite shops are Capricious Traveler, Old Baltimore Vintage and Raleigh Vintage. When I can purchase at least one of my favorite items, it'll be hard to choose.  Choices, choices…

I too enjoy wearing socks with flats. I find the look to be charming.

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