Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wedding Dress, Thai Style

Originally I had not thought about wearing a traditional Thai dress. Knowing Thanik and I were going to have a small wedding [and paying for most of it] I was thinking of something simple, lovely, and not even traditional in the American sense.
When I was younger I had thought about a few dress options, such as a lace style, a Greek inspired dress, and/or a princess dress. Some days I leaned towards a white dress, other times I thought a colored dress would be fun. Ha, 'women' right?

 I wouldn't want something that low cut in the front, but the concept is nice.

It reminds me a bit of a late 1700s dress, no?

Princess wedding gown
 Color and the princess style all in one.

To any lady who does not handle stress well, I would not recommend my method of finding a dress.
At some point Thanik and I came to the conclusion, "Why not just have dad bring a dress from Thailand?" So, the only information Thanik's dad got was this:
- The color perhaps a light pink or blue, or a cream color.
- My measurements of course.
- Aaand that it should look traditional. So, a one shoulder dress with the draping lace.

 Ironic I'm not wanting the lace to touch the ground since the dress itself is. Aha.

...I did not see the dress until two-ish weeks before the wedding. Niiice. Luckily as a gift from some friends, I had my dress altered for free. Surprisingly the pre-made dress fit almost perfectly, so the alterations weren't major.

 I may or may not be trying to lick my sisters face...

It's a shame wedding dresses are only meant to be worn once. Hmm, perhaps in the future my daughter (cross my fingers I have a daughter) will want to wear my dress. Bias, but I'm okay with that.

Even if you're just daydreaming about wedding dresses, what style will you go for?

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