Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beauty and Makeup Gurus

My husband and I don't have a telly and I haven't watched television like "a normal person" since high school, haha. So without a telly I've come to really enjoy watching beauty and makeup guru's on YouTube. I never wear makeup, but still love to watch makeup tutorials and certainly videos on taking care of your skin, or "beauty" videos. I have a few go-to gurus, my favorites, that I check out regularly.

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My sister introduced me to fuzkittie and I love how thorough she is when reviewing products especially. Although her profession isn't in makeup, she still knows her stuff. There are so many products I'd love to try out based on her recommendation, but I must exercise self restraint, aha. She's quite honest, genuine, and funny, so it's a joy to watch her videos.
UPDATE (April '12)

Unfortunately, fuzkittie has deleted her YouTube account. A pity considering her reviews were so helpful, but perhaps she just needed a change (and a break). All the best to her. =)
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I've been 'following' Bubz for awhile and with her personality, video content, how she edits them, everything really, I quite enjoy watching her videos over and over. Some may consider that a waste of time, but doesn't everyone do that in many different ways? Buuut I digress. Bubz, I think, is mainly known for her makeup and hair tutorials, but she has some beauty videos, which I've found useful. Bubz doesn't seem to be afraid to show her goofy side either, which is amusing. =]

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Michelle's makeup videos are always beautiful and creative. If I ever decide to dress up for Halloween, I'm sure I'd go to one of her videos for a handy how-to on, for example, a Mulan tutorial. Like Bubz, she too has beauty DIY videos that are useful and inspiring. I like how she has partners in some of her videos; a professional for hair, Krista, and another for fashion, Chriselle.

 Pardon the blurry quality; took a snapshot from one of her videos. Isn't her pug Popeye adorable?

  Dizzy is another lovely genuine person to watch. She doesn't do many makeup/hair tutorials, but rather--mostly--hauls, product reviews and bits and bobs of inspirational videos. I really enjoy her "think it" videos where she'll talk about issues to be aware of, which just makes you reflect. Yeah, I think that made sense.
Hmm, all of my favorite gurus are Asian, haha. I swear it's a coincidence.  ;) I have a few others I watch, but again, these are my main go-to ladies. I encourage you to check them out if you enjoy beauty/makeup gurus.

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