Friday, July 29, 2011

Hair Care Tips

Some hair care tips seem so simple you'd think it would be common sense. Alas, I made hair care blunders for many years because I didn't know I should be doing something different, or better. Better late than never, right?

1) Don't shampoo everyday (every other day is good) and use conditioner after every time you use shampoo.

 Using 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioners is a no no.

2) Your natural oils are a good thing, so don't wash you hair everyday. You can skip one or two differing days a week.

3) Do NOT blow dry wet hair. Keep your hair in a towel for 5 minutes, then air dry it for another 5. If your dryer has a warm or cool setting, use that preferably rather than hot.
4) Don't brush from root to tip, rather the reverse so you don't break any hair.

5) Always use a heat protection spray before flat ironing or using a curling iron. 

6) Trim your (well, have a professional do it) hair every 8 to 10 weeks. 

7) If you love pony tails, tie your hair in a different spot each time. You'll break and damage your hair by tying in the same spot each time, all the time. It mixes things up a bit too when your hair is half an inch lower than from the day before. *wink*

8) The longer your hair, the bigger the brush you use should be.

9) After swimming in chlorine or salt water, it's best to shampoo and condition as soon as possible; rinsing isn't enough. Chlorine and salt dry out your hair. An ingredient to look for is EDTA. If you swim as much as a fish, deep condition your hair once a week.

10) If you love the sun, protect the hair with a conditioner that has SPF in it. An ingredient to look for is octyl methoxycinnamate. Nevertheless, a hat is still your best friend.

11) Like your face your hair likes masks as well.

 Take a look at the hair mask Bubzbeauty recommends. Woohoo for home-made beauty, um, products. =D

There are more ways to care for you hair, in particular your diet (ya know, what you eat), but that is getting into greater detail and I suppose complexity? Aha, I think what I've listed is good for now.
Anyone have anything else to add to the list? =)

(All pictures provided by Google.)

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