Friday, July 1, 2011

Korean Music, a Weakness

When I was 'introduced' to Asian music about 3 or 4 years ago, Korean was what I first listened to before expanding out. Perhaps it's a first time, sentimental thing? Either way it is a weakness.

In the past week I've mainly been listening to Super Junior and MBLAQ.  I'm sure most of whom I listen to are considered 'pretty boy' bands. Oh well I say it's a coincidence. Before any conclusions are drawn, I don't just listen to the gentlemen, I listen to several lady groups as well. A few of my favorites are SNSD, f(x), and T-ara.
Comparatively I do listen to more guy groups/artists than I do girl groups/artists. I am certainly open for suggestions.


I'm not sure how to describe my fascination in Korean music. It's far too broad and boring to just say, "I like it." Haha. Well then, for starters I am fascinated with the language. Perhaps it's just me, but it has a pleasing flow to it, if that makes sense. Some day I would like to learn the language, but at the same time I enjoy not knowing what the singers are saying (contradicting, no?) ...The whole music package, if you will, is fun and catchy to listen to. Perhaps even that is a broad answer.

I would still love to go to a concert with my sister (also a fan of Korean/Asian music) to see--for instance--SHINee.
Here is a view into a few groups I listen to:





CN Blue

(All pictures provided by

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