Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Korean Dramas

Lately I can't get enough of my Korean dramas. Boys Over Flowers was the first I ever saw and I was immediately hooked. One aspect that I'm drawn to is that they are not like typical American dramas that can be drawn out for 6 years or more. You can tell with some series when the writers are tapped out of good ideas and throw in bizarre plot twists and plummet the ratings.
K-dramas usually last about 17 episodes on average at an hour each. The historical dramas are often longer, lasting 30 or 40 something episodes.

Just recently I finished watching Coffee Prince for a second time. It's an addictive show with appealing and dynamic characters. It's a romantic comedy and I applaud the writers and actors for putting on numerous fun comedic moments. Actor Kim Dong Wook is a natural with comedy, thus his character Jin Ha Rim is a favorite to watch in every scene he's in.
My sister even called me My Chan for a while after she saw the show. =)

Without sounding potentially degrading(?), Korean guy actors are just so pretty. Don't you think?

Another show I am watching over again is You're Beautiful. This type of romantic comedy is a bit over-the-top comedy compared to Coffee Prince. It's a nice light hearted show to watch with some splashes of drama of course. I must admit that the character Go Minam, played by Park Shin Hye, can be---tiring at times. Her character is supposed to be naïve when it comes to the world, considering she grew up in a convent, but my goodness she sometimes takes it a bit far. In any case, I still adore the show.

I love the hairstyles for the men (and woman) in this show. I sometimes wish I could pull it off. =P

 Jeremy's character is always adorable and fun. His more dramatic moment[s] don't really come until near the end of the series.

 This is a signature look for TaeKyung.

 He looks like a baby when he smiles, doesn't he?

What series have you been watching lately?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shoes of Prey - Custom Shoe Designs

I learned about this wonderful shoe company from Australia through Michelle Phan.  They are a bit pricey, at least for me, but quite worth it. On their website they have several videos, one including showing the process of making a shoe [design] from scratch. How nifty is that? The basis of this company is you, the customer, are able to design your own shoe based on the many pre-conceptualized ideas that you can mix and match. Make sense? 

All pictures are from the Shoes of Prey gallery where you can purchase designs previous customers have created. Or you can tweak the designs to your liking.

The type of shoes they make are ballet flats, heels, wedges, and ankle boots. You can choose the material to use, such as silk, patent leather, soft leather, glitter--yes glitter--and a few others. Everything is the real deal, too. No fake leather that may scratch the second time you wear it. I think this company would be a great place to finally find your perfect green suede peep toe heel. Oh, I think my heart just skipped a beat, haha.

Ballet Flats:  $180
1.5 - 3.5 inch heels:  $230
4 - 4.5 inch heels:  $280
Ankle boots:  $330

Keep in mind, no matter your design for a ballet flat, the price will remain the same at an even $180. This concept applies to the other styles of shoes as well. The wait time in receiving your shoes is about 5 weeks and shipping is $25 I believe for everyone outside of Australia. Double check on their site, though.
Let me know what sort of design you would go for!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Petite Bloggers

Who knew that there is a small community of petite bloggers? I am so used to not having---I suppose anything that caters to petite folk like myself. The first lovely lady I found, of this community, is Jen from From Head To Toe. Well, I found her YouTube channel before looking through her blog. She'd be the perfect spokesperson for all petite ladies because she is a wonderful 4 foot 10 inches, size 4 shoe and is an  XXS shopper. =D

Another blog I've recently been following is Alterations Needed. I have read a few of her posts and she is wonderfully informative. A few useful tips on how to wear heels more comfortably was illuminating to me. I very rarely wear heels, so any way to make them comfortable is a plus to me.
I was surprised at how small this lady is because she dresses so sharp and tailored, thus making her appear at least taller than what she really is.


The lovely lady at Stylish Petite focuses mostly on what is appropriate to wear at the office. So if blazers, a-line skirts and blouses are your thing, she will be perfect for you.

Jean from Extra Petite is always full of alteration tips that you can do yourself. Most often the pieces she alters look better than the original, whether from shortening a hemline or taking the elastic out of a shirt cuff.
Just click around these ladies blogs or look down in their comment sections, you will surely be led to other petite bloggers!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

8 Ways to Save Money

I don't like to spend much money if I can help; I get it from my dad. Minimalism is lovely, really. As author Tim Ferriss has said, the more things you have the more time you have to spend taking care of it.

Turn up the heat 
Turn up the thermostat when away for summer vacation. If you're away for a week or even 3 days, turn up the heat between 80-84 degrees F. Your couch doesn't need to feel nice and cool when you're away. The same idea is applied in winter, but rather keeping it cooler (mid 60s works) and not cranking the heat.

Dress weather appropriate…indoors 
Dress smart at home during the seasons. If it's winter, don't wear shorts and a t-shirt because I know you'll have/want to crank your thermostat. Just wear more layers, it won't hurt you. 

Avoid multiple trips 
Plan where you go so you don't have to make multiple trips. This is a double whammy, you save on gas and are being a touch friendlier to the environment.

 This is what I imagine when thinking of eco-friendly. (Isn't he adorable?)

Low watt bulbs 
Use low watt light bulbs. I'm sure this one is a broken record by now, but it sure is delightful to see a decrease in your electric bill.

Say no to shiny new toys 
Don't buy something just because its new and shiny. For example, I have had my laptop for 4.5 years and it works just fine. It may be considered a dinosaur, but it get's what I need done.

Leave the cravings to expecting mothers 
Stick to your grocery shopping list. Perhaps later your craving for *insert whatever your craving might be* will have gone and you have to toss out the 5 bucks you spent on it because it expired.

Clean your room 
Keep organized because when things are cluttered you forget where items are and buy unnecessary multiples you don't need.

 It looks like this person has a window in there closet. Nifty.

I get chills of how clean and tidy this bathroom is. This is what I'd call relaxing.

Know your budget 
As I've mentioned in my shopping post, know your budget and stick to it. By golly if you know that you only have enough money to pay this months bills, then certainly don't cause yourself  regret and heartache by spending unnecessarily. I quite understand the limits of this notion because I've gone through it myself enough times; not having "play" money for small or larger stretches of time. It's quite doable though.
Spend your extra time doing your forgotten laundry, perhaps some organizing, or learn something new like a card trick. You can show off this talent to a certain someone you're wanting to impress. Haha, there is always something to do folks.

Any other money saving tips in mind? Feel free to leave your own advice. =)

(All pictures provided by Google.)