Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Korean Dramas

Lately I can't get enough of my Korean dramas. Boys Over Flowers was the first I ever saw and I was immediately hooked. One aspect that I'm drawn to is that they are not like typical American dramas that can be drawn out for 6 years or more. You can tell with some series when the writers are tapped out of good ideas and throw in bizarre plot twists and plummet the ratings.
K-dramas usually last about 17 episodes on average at an hour each. The historical dramas are often longer, lasting 30 or 40 something episodes.

Just recently I finished watching Coffee Prince for a second time. It's an addictive show with appealing and dynamic characters. It's a romantic comedy and I applaud the writers and actors for putting on numerous fun comedic moments. Actor Kim Dong Wook is a natural with comedy, thus his character Jin Ha Rim is a favorite to watch in every scene he's in.
My sister even called me My Chan for a while after she saw the show. =)

Without sounding potentially degrading(?), Korean guy actors are just so pretty. Don't you think?

Another show I am watching over again is You're Beautiful. This type of romantic comedy is a bit over-the-top comedy compared to Coffee Prince. It's a nice light hearted show to watch with some splashes of drama of course. I must admit that the character Go Minam, played by Park Shin Hye, can be---tiring at times. Her character is supposed to be naïve when it comes to the world, considering she grew up in a convent, but my goodness she sometimes takes it a bit far. In any case, I still adore the show.

I love the hairstyles for the men (and woman) in this show. I sometimes wish I could pull it off. =P

 Jeremy's character is always adorable and fun. His more dramatic moment[s] don't really come until near the end of the series.

 This is a signature look for TaeKyung.

 He looks like a baby when he smiles, doesn't he?

What series have you been watching lately?

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