Friday, August 12, 2011

Petite Bloggers

Who knew that there is a small community of petite bloggers? I am so used to not having---I suppose anything that caters to petite folk like myself. The first lovely lady I found, of this community, is Jen from From Head To Toe. Well, I found her YouTube channel before looking through her blog. She'd be the perfect spokesperson for all petite ladies because she is a wonderful 4 foot 10 inches, size 4 shoe and is an  XXS shopper. =D

Another blog I've recently been following is Alterations Needed. I have read a few of her posts and she is wonderfully informative. A few useful tips on how to wear heels more comfortably was illuminating to me. I very rarely wear heels, so any way to make them comfortable is a plus to me.
I was surprised at how small this lady is because she dresses so sharp and tailored, thus making her appear at least taller than what she really is.


The lovely lady at Stylish Petite focuses mostly on what is appropriate to wear at the office. So if blazers, a-line skirts and blouses are your thing, she will be perfect for you.

Jean from Extra Petite is always full of alteration tips that you can do yourself. Most often the pieces she alters look better than the original, whether from shortening a hemline or taking the elastic out of a shirt cuff.
Just click around these ladies blogs or look down in their comment sections, you will surely be led to other petite bloggers!

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