Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jane Lui, Like a One Woman Show

What would you think of someone who can sing, dance, play numerous instruments (some obscure) and compose music? I'm sure your jaw is on the floor, so let me just say ba-rilliant. Let me introduce you to Jane Lui.

She has such a pleasant voice. Quite frankly when I listen to her music I feel as if someone is cranking an old film reel by hand and I'm watching people running through a park, a carnival is in the background and the clouds are fluffy cotton balls…I like to exercise my imagine, but you get what I mean; she makes you feel good.

I've been clicking around, doing some spy work and by golly she is one mighty socialite because she seems to know so many other musicians. I suppose that's true for any 'group' though, right? She's made fun collaboration videos with three different musicians--that I've seen so far. Well, one good sir sings just for fun, but the other two are musicians. Anyone heard of Gabe Bondoc or Dawen? If not, well you should my friendly folk, you should.

Her children are going to be so talented. Not only is this lady musically talented, but apparently she speaks three languages: English, Mandarin and Portuguese.
She is one big ball of inspirational goodness.

I'm feeling déjà vu. In my beauty guru post all the ladies I mentioned are Asian and the musical folk I just introduced to you are Asian as well.…coinky-dink.
Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

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