Wednesday, September 7, 2011

K-pop Style and CL (2NE1) Hairstyle

A favorite spot of mine to find style inspiration is the world of K-pop. When I'm feeling tapped out of ideas of what to wear (typical thing for a lady to say, I know) I look at both gentlemen and women groups such as 2NE1, SHINee, Super Junior, f(x) and so forth for inspiration.
I wouldn't typically wear exactly what 2NE1--for instance--dawns in their videos, but their concept(s) are too fun to pass up.

Let's take Amber (back right corner) for example. A simple way to recreate her outfit may be sparkly pants/tights, simple black boots, a long sweater or jacket, graphic t-shirt and a belt. You can be as exact or just slightly similar, whichever you prefer.

 For my personal style, I love the boyish look. How I'd spin the concept from Super Junior is a white long sleeve button-up tucked into dark high waist jeans, a black sports jacket and white oxford shoes. If I wanted to add more detail, I'd wear my specs (black frames) and black bowler hat. I'd leave my curly red locks down to keep a feminine touch.

A couple weeks ago I had fun sporting a CL---of 2NE1---inspired hairstyle for a bit of a funky change. Comparatively I think my version is slightly more girly, but I honestly couldn't figure out how to create [exactly] CL's spiffy punk do.

You can view CL's hairstyle in the street version of 'Fire.'

My version is not as eccentric perhaps, but for me it's more wearable.

I blame the sun for my expression. The pictures are brought to you by my sister and her phone.

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