Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Little Bra Company Review

It sounds like I am about to give a speech, but I would like to thank The Little Bra Company (TLBC) for existing. It is a lovely online bra company that caters to petite women like me. I never knew such a wonder existed until I saw a video by Jen from--From Head To Toe. In the video she reviews 5 bras from The Little Bra Company. Her favorite is a line called the Lucia bra, which is what I happened to purchase for myself as my first step into the world of properly fitting bras. Hooray! 

I'd love to have the Lucia in this color.

Isn't the bra lace design beautiful?

Since high school I had stuck with Victoria's Secret, wearing one of their smallest sizes, the iPex in size 32A. In comparison now to the Lucia bra, I'm amazed how large my old bras feel, particularly the cup size. The iPex cup, again as I now realize, merely covers the ladies giving them no support or shape. Another clear reason 32A does not fit me is the cups are too far apart on my petite frame, therefore the ladies aren't nicely--shall I say 'centered,' respectfully. Make sense?

Petite blogger Petite XXS gives great insight and information on finding your proper fitting bra. I used her information in my search as well to find my right size. No matter your size, her post is like a golden ticket.
In addition to her must read, Jen's own video on bra fittings is a must see, provided below.

TLBC does carry sizes up to 38A. A fellow TLBC fan YaYa from YaYaLifeStyle, who has a larger chest (just proving my point in the companies size range) also enjoys TLBC bras. You can view her review video on several styles here

TLBC is a little pricey (not much compared to Victoria's Secret) bras averaging $50, but it is well worth every penny. Their quality is top notch, designs very appealing and the Lucia bra I can say is very comfortable. Something to note, I found the Lucia bra had to be 'broken in' like a pair of new shoes. The first 2 or 3 times I wore it, the wiring near the center did sometimes dig in. However, after those first few wears, things loosened up nicely and I haven't had a problem since.


  1. Hi Elissa!
    The Little Bra Company would like to say thank you for writing such a positive review on our products. TLBC celebrates the notion that "good things do come in small packages.®" Our main goal is to give petite women a comfortably fitting bra, while enhancing her d├ęcolletage.

  2. You're very welcome, TLBC! It is also kind of you to comment. I appreciate it.
    The Lucia bra I purchased is certainly comfortable and has enhanced my ladies nicely. They look more natural compared to my old bras, the VS iPex. With that in mind I'm excited for my next purchase from your company, hopefully in the near future. I have my eyes on the blue Lucia.
    If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to ask here in the comment section. Perhaps you want a little more detail in my process to finding my perfect fit..Anything I can do to help find your proper fitting bra. =)