Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nina in Japan

(Picture from Google)

When I finally have a little one I would love for him or her to be like Nina.
My sister Amachan, as I call her, sent me a video link to watch a positively adorable, funny and smart little girl named Nina. Her father thankfully decided to post videos of his ball of fun daughter on YouTube so his family back in the US could see her. He lives in Japan with his wife--who is Japanese--and daughter.

Nina is now 6 years old and understandably since she recently started elementary school her father has decided to stop posting videos of her. Nevertheless, you should still watch the videos available because it is impossible to watch them just once. Nina's papa taught her English too, so it's fascinating to hear her switch back and forth between Japanese and English. Nina's personality can always bring a smile to anyone's face.

Some odd years down the road Thanik and I would love to take our little one to Japan because they have the coolest playgrounds and parks for kids. Take a look at this video to see. I'd love to play too, but I would have to go in the middle of the night so folk don't see the odd sight of a grown woman pretending she's a pirate on a ship---or something. Therefore, having a little one equals the perfect excuse for me to play too. Yessss.

Like Nina, our little one will be half Asian and bilingual. Positively adorable! Nina's channel is quite useful for any parent wanting to teach their child two languages at once. Simple key factors is to start early, make it fun, keep it relaxed, and repetition. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wendy's Lookbook, Petite & Spunky

That's it, think of a happy little thought.
Peter Pan reference equals a gold star.

Who doesn't consistently look for style inspiration? I know I do, whether I realize I am or not. Ya know, the whole subconscious factor. In any case, I can say "sweet ace" because I found another style outlet. I've watched a few of Wendy's videos on her YouTube channel and her seemingly unstoppable spunk and creative directory (I hope that's the way to phrase it) make her videos fun to watch. 

I don't share the exact same style as Wendy, but the type of pieces she wears and her tips are relevant for me. Plus, she's a petite lady like myself, so I can relate to difficulties she may come across in dressing a petite frame. I, however, would be considered a "tall" petite person since I'm 5' 3". Yay for a slightly greater chance at reaching high shelves.

I have not been following Wendy's blog for long, so I can't comfortably give any kind of detailed opinion. Nevertheless, I'm the type that pays attention to design, layout, all that goodness, so I will compliment her on that.
WARNING: A brief discussion on tech type stuff is about to ensue.
I don't like fussy blog designs that overload my retinas. Clean, easy to navigate and de-cluttered blogs are welcome on my doorstep. Her post style is, as I can tell, simple and filled each time with wonderful pictures. As well, she "blogs" with a very friendly and conversational manner.

Below is one of my favorite videos. Who doesn't love scarves? They're a great accessory and an easy way to create numerous looks by either switching out the scarf with a particular outfit or just tying it in a different way. 

(All pictures from wendy'

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Daring Style

Be bold.
Be creative.
Express yourself.

Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage.

 You can shop Nicole's vintage store, based in Australia, here. I adore her personal style, so it's no wonder I'm in love with her store's vintage collection.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Preppy and a Dash of UK

I can't argue with the classic look of prep, BUT mixed with UK tea time flare. I'm not sure if the last part made sense, but I'm sticking with it. I have a definite mix of style and the 'prep' if you will, is part of it.

Penny Loafers? Yeees.
Bow ties? ...previous is dedicated to bow ties.
Tweed? My special friend.
Rolled pant hem? …*insert famous person who wore/wears this style*

Susie Bubble--love her--of Style Bubble and Steve Salter of Style Salvage. (The wording and pictures are backwards...)

Why the preppy style is super:

1)  I feel like I'm Professor Tolkien.
2)  Always look put together.
3)  I get to wear fun bow ties.
4)  If it's possible to feel like a season, well then it makes me feel like autumn, which equals warm fuzzy feelings.
5)  …More good stuff.

I'll have to acquire the assistance of my sister to help create a look book of spiffing  images that show how I dress preppy. Jolly good ol' chap.

 This lady, Jamie Beck, is a new style inspiration for me. She flawlessly dresses vintage I'd say 24/7.

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