Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nina in Japan

(Picture from Google)

When I finally have a little one I would love for him or her to be like Nina.
My sister Amachan, as I call her, sent me a video link to watch a positively adorable, funny and smart little girl named Nina. Her father thankfully decided to post videos of his ball of fun daughter on YouTube so his family back in the US could see her. He lives in Japan with his wife--who is Japanese--and daughter.

Nina is now 6 years old and understandably since she recently started elementary school her father has decided to stop posting videos of her. Nevertheless, you should still watch the videos available because it is impossible to watch them just once. Nina's papa taught her English too, so it's fascinating to hear her switch back and forth between Japanese and English. Nina's personality can always bring a smile to anyone's face.

Some odd years down the road Thanik and I would love to take our little one to Japan because they have the coolest playgrounds and parks for kids. Take a look at this video to see. I'd love to play too, but I would have to go in the middle of the night so folk don't see the odd sight of a grown woman pretending she's a pirate on a ship---or something. Therefore, having a little one equals the perfect excuse for me to play too. Yessss.

Like Nina, our little one will be half Asian and bilingual. Positively adorable! Nina's channel is quite useful for any parent wanting to teach their child two languages at once. Simple key factors is to start early, make it fun, keep it relaxed, and repetition. 

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