Monday, October 3, 2011

Preppy and a Dash of UK

I can't argue with the classic look of prep, BUT mixed with UK tea time flare. I'm not sure if the last part made sense, but I'm sticking with it. I have a definite mix of style and the 'prep' if you will, is part of it.

Penny Loafers? Yeees.
Bow ties? ...previous is dedicated to bow ties.
Tweed? My special friend.
Rolled pant hem? …*insert famous person who wore/wears this style*

Susie Bubble--love her--of Style Bubble and Steve Salter of Style Salvage. (The wording and pictures are backwards...)

Why the preppy style is super:

1)  I feel like I'm Professor Tolkien.
2)  Always look put together.
3)  I get to wear fun bow ties.
4)  If it's possible to feel like a season, well then it makes me feel like autumn, which equals warm fuzzy feelings.
5)  …More good stuff.

I'll have to acquire the assistance of my sister to help create a look book of spiffing  images that show how I dress preppy. Jolly good ol' chap.

 This lady, Jamie Beck, is a new style inspiration for me. She flawlessly dresses vintage I'd say 24/7.

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