Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wendy's Lookbook, Petite & Spunky

That's it, think of a happy little thought.
Peter Pan reference equals a gold star.

Who doesn't consistently look for style inspiration? I know I do, whether I realize I am or not. Ya know, the whole subconscious factor. In any case, I can say "sweet ace" because I found another style outlet. I've watched a few of Wendy's videos on her YouTube channel and her seemingly unstoppable spunk and creative directory (I hope that's the way to phrase it) make her videos fun to watch. 

I don't share the exact same style as Wendy, but the type of pieces she wears and her tips are relevant for me. Plus, she's a petite lady like myself, so I can relate to difficulties she may come across in dressing a petite frame. I, however, would be considered a "tall" petite person since I'm 5' 3". Yay for a slightly greater chance at reaching high shelves.

I have not been following Wendy's blog for long, so I can't comfortably give any kind of detailed opinion. Nevertheless, I'm the type that pays attention to design, layout, all that goodness, so I will compliment her on that.
WARNING: A brief discussion on tech type stuff is about to ensue.
I don't like fussy blog designs that overload my retinas. Clean, easy to navigate and de-cluttered blogs are welcome on my doorstep. Her post style is, as I can tell, simple and filled each time with wonderful pictures. As well, she "blogs" with a very friendly and conversational manner.

Below is one of my favorite videos. Who doesn't love scarves? They're a great accessory and an easy way to create numerous looks by either switching out the scarf with a particular outfit or just tying it in a different way. 

(All pictures from wendy'

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