Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Conversation With Ra

My sister's cat Ra has to be one of the most entertaining felines I've come across. Below is a short real life story of a---moment in Ra's sometimes bizarre life. 

Amachan is in the restroom getting ready for bed when Ra saunters in and proceeds to complain.

Ra: *stares at Amachan* Meow---meow.
Amachan: What Ra?
Ra: …Meow.
Amachan: *has homemade facial that smells nice/delicious in hand* You can't eat this Ra.
Ra: Meeeow---Meow---Meow.
Amachan: This isn't a treat Ra.
Ra: *stubborn* Meow.
Amachan: *leans down and whispers* Ra, go ask mom for a treat…Go on, ask mom for a treat.

Ra seems to take a few moments to ponder, then exits the bathroom. After a minute or two, Amachan really does wonder if Ra went to mom.

Amachan: *calls out* Hey mom?
Mom: Yeah?
Amachan: Are you in the kitchen?
Mom: Yes.
Amachan: ...Is Ra in there?
Mom: Yes.
Amachan: Is he whining at you?
Mom: ..Um, yes.
Amachan: He wants a treat.

Yes, this tale surprised me too. I'm going to see if I can convince Amachan to occasionally film Ra for mine and your amusement.

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