Sunday, November 20, 2011

How To Be 'Asian,' Some Basics

Since I've been with Thanik, naturally there are habits that I have picked up and are now apart of my normal routine. I'm merely listing out things that are, shall I say universally Asian, therefore, not specifically Thai. I will do a separate post on things I've found to be more 'specifically' Thai. Good times, ya.

Perfecting the "squat"
I had wondered why Asians in particular seem to prefer this stance (?). The reason is quite simple as I learned from a friend, Satoshi; to keep clean. He too found it curious why we, Americans, sit directly on the ground since it's dirty. Haha, in any case, I have adopted this way of sitting and find it quite comfortable.

Take your shoes off, thanks

It did take me awhile to get used to this one. Now of course my eyes twitch a little bit when my sister, for instance, comes over and forgets to remove her shoes at the front door until I politely remind her to do so.

Believe it or not, Asian men tend to demand/want more attention comparatively to American men. This one surprised me when Thanik and I started dating. Honestly because of him, I have in turn sought a lot of attention out of him. Here is a great example of how we are:


Perfecting rice cooking abilities
Speaks for itself.

Showing respect to elders

This is a bit of a no brainer, but I do feel that this non spoken rule has a--stronger enforcement for the Asian community, so to speak. I'll delve into more about experiences with Thai folk in this situation in the next post.

Asian food preference

This can depend on each individual, but in my case I prefer Asian food over American. Because of this it can sometimes be difficult to eat out with the hubby since I'd rather not eat at, well, any American restaurants. Ironically perhaps Thanik is peachy with eating almost anything American.


I am still working on this, but I can hold my own pretty well. Thai people really only use chopsticks when eating sushi and noodles, otherwise they use a fork and spoon. Did you catch that? Not all Asians use chopsticks to eat [everything]. Amazing.

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