Monday, November 28, 2011

How To Be Thai, Part II

A smaller portion this time. Please enjoy, ladies and gentlemen, the second part of how to be Thai. Ooh, I sound like a presenter now.

That's not spicy
A fair amount of Thai food is spicy. I'm currently in 'middle school' of spice. I love it when Thai food is being served at an event and they've supposedly "toned down" the spice, but the poor folk trying it still tear up from it. I laugh a bit…on the inside.

 Be jealous. I'm jealous. Ladies and gents, this is street Thai food. My hubby says it's delicious and I believe him...I'm hungry now.

That's cool
When someone thinks something is cool, in English we'll say that's cool, awesome, sweetand so forth. In Thai they'll say something that sounds very similar to the English word "knee." It's not really a word, just a slang expression. If you say this when around Thai folk, you'll get brownie points. Of course, you'd have to say it in the correct tone---third tone in this case---considering there are five tones in the Thai language. Hmm, I'll see if I can find you a video of someone saying this expression.

No touchy
No matter your age, as long as you're younger you should not touch an elders head out of respect.The head is considered the most important or sacred part of the body.

There was an incident that I happened to touch Thanik's fathers head, just to fix his hair. After the fact Thanik informed me I normally shouldn't do that, but it's alright considering I did not know that to begin with. Thankfully his dad is very chill, too. Nevertheless, it made me feel a bit shameful afterword.

More bowing

This isn't specifically Thai, but I'll enlighten you for funzies.

Let's say you're having family over at your house and your aunt is laying on the couch. When walking past, you should bow slightly out of respect. Don't fret though, this is only applied to family gatherings, perhaps a get-together with friends, that sort of scenario. So don't worry about bowing at everyone in a crowd.

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