Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December Wishlist

I do not own a pair of Mr. Campbell's lolita shoes, nor do I think I ever will, but holy goodness I am in love with this print. Wait, is it just the print, not the design that I like? Maybe a bit. I don't generally gravitate to chunky shoes anyway. You'll notice in several of my picks right away that I have a galaxy theme going. "Do you follow trends?" No, I do not, I just honestly love galaxy's, astronomy, and all that scientific goodness. The hubby and I love to watch The Universe for relaxation before bedtime.

 Now these Campbell shoes I'd be more likely to wear. I do love wedges--although I own none, haha. However, I'm very unpracticed with heels that are even 3 inches, so even these beauties I'd probably have to pass up. That and considering most if not all of Jeffrey Campbell shoes are over $100, they're not in my price range. Sigh, I'll just keep staring a bit.

Here I'd like to own the galaxy leggings, not Lexy of course. Tights and leggings are some of my favorite ways to layer and the print of these are just a perfect "bonus Jonas," as Bunny would say. I do hope I can get my hands on a pair some day just so I can say "I look out of this world." Hazza for lame puns.

Leather leggings, yes please. Well, rather faux leather modeled here by the beautiful Wendy from Wendy's Lookbook. Leather would be so much fun to play with. I could dress is up--just like Wendy--wear it for a tough look, even a soft vibe. The possibilities are endless.

Ahh velvet leggings. I would have to go for this royal blue color or a 'royal' purple. I have been trying to introduce more textures into my wardrobe and these would be a lovely addition, mhm.

I'd thought about adding some hats in here, but considering I already covered that in Hat Love, I thought it sensible to not overtly repeat myself. In addition, there are quite a few vintage pieces I'm in love with from Etsy, but I think I'll do a separate post for that.

::Picture credit::
Cosmic Lolita

99 Pink Wedge
  Velvet Leggings

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  1. Ohh, the galaxy heels are so incredible! I especially love the second pair.

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