Friday, December 23, 2011

Hat Love: Bowler, Top Hat & Beret

I have a thing or thing-let if you will, for hats. But not just any hats, no no, classic hats such as top hats, bowlers and berets. Out of those three I only have one, a bowler hat and not even a legit one. Lawlz. It's a simple black (knock-off really) design gifted by my sister from either Yesstyle or Zipia. Nevertheless, I'd still love to have the hat in perhaps two other colors as well, green and blue.
As a bonus, classic hat boxes to [properly] store my future hat collection would be spiffing. It would be a great excuse to check out vintage and antique stores. Hmm, reduce and reuse right?

(Pic. from kasey)


Classic Bowler Hats:

  (Pic. from buzznet)

You can't leave out royalty, right?

  (Pic. from hollywoodrev)

(Pic. from village hats)
This one may be too fun to pass up.

I just love the classic silhouette of top hats. Perhaps naturally it reminds me of theatre, 1) because a nickname for it is 'opera hat' and 2) I majored in theatre. Good times. I wouldn't need a special ocassion to dawn such a statement piece either, I'd brave it out for a simple cup o' joe. Oh oh, and I'd love to pair it with a cape coat and oxford shoes. Positively dashing---for a lady. 

  (Pic. from britannica)

  (Pic. from hat lounge)

The beret is a signature look for Brit blogger Carrie of wishwishwish; and she is a definite style inspiration as well. Up to date I believe she has 6 beret's in differing colors. In this post Carrie briefly muses about adding a sparkled one to her collection. For me I'd love to do a DIY project and sew on my own sparkled design. When I get such a chance, I'll certainly show 'behind the scenes' of the project.

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