Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lovely Christmas with the Hubby

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend (almost over)! The hubby and I had a nice mellow Christmas day. To start it off we slept in and for breakfast had our favorite biscuits with gravy, scrambled eggs with sliced tomatoes and coffee. Mmm, perfect.

It was a surprisingly warm day, in the 50s, so my hubby--always wonderful--took pictures for me. We went to a small wooded trail not far from our home. My paint splattered high tops weren't my first choice of footwear for my ensemble, but I figured I ought to be a bit practical considering the muddy trail terrain. But it's not too bad really, I rather like the quirky vibe/look.

In the top picture, where I am walking down ze stairs, there was an old cellar that used to store food for a local farm. I was too chicken to get too close to it; there was a gate that closed it off and you could see inside. There were noises coming from it, noises I'm sure from small wild animals inside, but either way I did not appreciate the scary quality.

We didn't get to walk around too much, what with the sun going down and the temperature quickly dropping. Ze Hubby said that we can try to take pictures like this once a week. We had fun walking through the trail and taking pictures. Considering that he's the one knowledgeable in editing the photos properly and the one taking the pictures, I am really glad for his help.
I attempted to do some artsy type of poses, but Thanik wasn't really getting it. We'll work on it; slow and steady, haha.

:: Outfit ::
Banana Republic jacket, PXS || Forever 21 blue long sleeve, S || Thrifted lace long sleeve || Thrifted maxi skirt, XS || Target tights || Journey's high tops

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