Monday, January 30, 2012

San Francisco & MIA

I'm just a small town girl, visiting a big city. I've been getting to know the diverse city of San Francisco with ze hubby and his dad for the past three days. We'll be here for another week and a half, which brings a little bit of bad news. I did not bring my own laptop, which has all the pictures of my sisters trip to Japan. I'm writing to you via my husbands laptop.
So, until I return home I'll have to postpone posting my series on Amanda's adventures in Japan.

The weather has been very agreeable, in the low 60s during the day and only the upper 40s at night. I love hearing the locals say that it's cold though, it makes me chuckle in a kind hearted way of course. I'm from the midwest, so I'm used to it reaching the teens, sometimes colder at night. However, my pale skin is not appreciating the excess sunlight. I'm considering caring around an umbrella, which is the "Asian" thing to do (really, I don't see any other folk doing it). Still, I'm apparently fitting in nicely as two people so far have asked me for directions. Ho ho, who's a tourist now? 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Beauty Reveiw :: Store Bought & Organic


I've been loosing a battle for many a year with pesky blackheads, until now! Sounds like a cheesy infomercial introduction, but it's true. For a month I've been using a product called Neaclear [the power of oxygen]. I use it morning and night after I wash/rinse my face and before I apply any other product. Perhaps luckily I only need to use it on ze nose. I am truly seeing a difference; my nose does appear or rather is cleaner. I purchased the product at a local Ulta for less than $6 (it was on sale). Considering I only use it on my nose, the product will last several more months, so it's worth the money.


Amanda introduced me to this rather ingenious and cheap alternative to regular chapstick. Crisco, a vegetable oil, works just as well as any other chapstick. I recycled a small twist cap container to store the crisco and it can easily fit in my pocket or purse. Horray! It's not necessary to slather on a ton onto your lips, just a few small swipes will go a long way. It does not have a funky taste, thankfully, and the texture is--similar to a lip gloss, but without the sticky feeling. A single tub you get at your local grocery store will cost you less than 3 dollars (at least where I live) and will last you a loooong time…just don't forget to put the cap back on once you unseal it.


Another organic beauty remedy that Amachan told me about is using Vitamin E for my dark circles. She was kind enough once to tell me that some days my circles are bad enough that it looks like I've been punched in the eye….Thanks dear sister. I don't wear makeup, so I preferred to find some organic method of reducing the appearance of my dark circles. So, every night I gently apply a little bit of vitamin E under my eyes as the last step in my--"face" routine. A single jell tablet can last at least two weeks, maybe more. I can depend on how much you use each night. I saw a difference within two weeks. It doesn't get rid of my dark circles completely, but I don't think I look like I've been punched in the face anymore.


A third tip I've been following under Amanda's advice is instead of washing my face with cleanser in the morning, I just rinse it off with luke warm water. The benefit of this is you're not consistently stripping your face of its natural oils. Cool cool. I've been using this method for about a month now and so far the difference I can tell is my face feels softer and smoother, than if I were to wash my face with cleanser morning and night. Before I forget, after I rinse of my face in the morning, I still apply my normal beauty products.

Have you ever tried one of these methods/products? Share with the rest of the class some of your organic (or non-organic) beauty tricks.
Thank you for reading, please come again. *enter a cheeky grin*

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Amachan Dreams in Japan, Pt. 1

I'm excited to finally start this series (yes series because there is much to tell) of Amanda's stories from Japan! I may honestly spread this out to 5 parts or more to make sure I cover everything and so I don't bombard you with a single novel. I collected quite a few pictures while Amanda visited Thanik and I this past weekend, so you will not be lacking in visuals. I'll recount the good times we had during her visit in a separate post. Lastly, I may update this post if I happen to miss out on something this first time around, sooo fair warning?
I don't think there will be any objections to start with the aspect of food. Ah, and you can always click on an image to view it larger. Enjoy!

Desserts from a French restaurant:

Amanda says that dessert portions are usually quite small, sometimes only worth 5 small bites. Perhaps that's a good thing, teaching self restraint and rather forcing you to really enjoy what's in front of you. =)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekly Favorites :: Learning & Talking Animals

I've been having a lot of fun playing scrabble with the hubby in the past week. I'm woefully deprived of classic board games, having never played this particular game beforehand. The opportunity has never popped its head out of the ground. We're "new age" with it perhaps because we play it on his iphone. We're about to enter our fifth time playing and, ahem, I've won each time. I say this with modesty of course. 


As I'm still on my Pride & Prejudice kick, I've been enjoying listening to the audiobook of the beautiful love story. It's a tad over 12 hours long, so I take it at small bites each day; it cannot be rushed of course.


Thanik and I can not get enough of this BBC video of funny animals. Sometimes, things are just better with a 'British' accent. There are several other videos that we like, this is just one of them. Enjoy!


Doing my best to practice Thai, I've taken up to learning a song called Stay by Palmy. Thanik said it would probably be one of the easiest songs to learn, a main reason I'm sure being that it's a slow song. Hmm, plus Palmy is a favorite of mine. Thanks to his help, I can read through the entire song and can sing along to about 60% of it. Hazza! Some of the phrasing trips me up, so to speak, and despite being a slow song, it's still a tad too fast for me. I'm working on it, ya.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Casual Outfit :: Bunnies & มือเย็น

I'd like to start off by stating that it was 26 degrees Fahrenheit ( -3.33 C ) when these pictures were taken. I nixed proper winter attire because ya know, I desired to show you my outfit properly. The hubby (in proper winter gear) and I were outside for a good 10 minutes. Surprisingly I was fine with the cold, but my hands (มือเย็น) protested greatly. So, once done I promptly ran inside, fixed myself hot green tea, ate a banana (did nothing for my cold state, but I was hungry) and got under a blanket. Dedication? Check.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Texture Fun :: Lace & Polka Dots

Pardon the blurry quality, but I am still fond of how it turned out.

I love my polka dot tights, but their life is [slowly and] sadly coming to an end. Sigh.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ode to Redheads

Perhaps it's a magical redhead connection, but I always knew that some type of redhead convention/gathering existed. Victory, it does! Once a year in Breda, Netherlands during the first weekend of September thousands of redheads flock together from over 30 different countries to converse and do miscellaneous activities. Ze hubby already knows that I'd love to attend this event at least once in my life. Why not?



Just like any gent or lass, I too am fascinated when I see a fellow ginger (some find this word offensive, but I'm okay with the term. I realize South Park "jokingly" made it into a unkind slang). The most redheads I've seen at once was the autumn of 2011 (I recall the date because yes, it's that significant) and not including myself there were four in the same café. Once again, magic. 

 When I was younger I did have the inclination to marry a fellow redhead when I was older. I believe Harry Potter influenced this notion a bit. Yeeees, I did have a crush on Rupert Grint (below) who plays Ron.  I had to reassure Thanik (ze husband) that of course this was only my thinking when I was younger, I'm supremely happy how things have turned out. Haha, my sweetie is an attention seeker (as am I).


Rupert was just too awkwardly adorable as a young lad.


During my "research" I came across some unsettling stories. During ancient Egypt, the always superstitious folk of the time believed those with red hair were bad luck and thus sentenced to death like a true witch trial...Well I'm glad I didn't live back then, yikes! When I was younger the extent of my bullying was being called carrot top and a leprechaun, which I did not appreciate either. Still, I'd rather take name calling than a death sentence. I come in peace.

I do wonder what are the chances that two redhead sisters--my sister and I of course--end up with Asian gentlemen. That would be a sight to see, the four of us together. 
Sometimes I do find myself a tad envious of Amanda because her hair is a bit brighter than mine. A bit silly I'm sure. Oh, an interesting fact: when I lift up my hair in the back I have a small strand/streak that is a bit more brown in color and in the same spot Amanda has a blonde streak. Nifty?

 Amanda is coming to visit Thanik and I this weekend, so I hope to get some updated photos of her and I (as well as stories and photos from Japan). For now a picture from my wedding day and another from the summer of 2010. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekly Favorites :: Pride & Prejudice


I've very much been obsessed with the movie Pride & Prejudice. It's quite normal of me to go through these phases, wanting to watch a particular show or movie over and over, then at some point take a break from it. It's a [viscous] cycle. Does anyone else do this?

I finally watched the 1995 BBC version. I did enjoy it, but perhaps since I saw the movie first I'm biased. I fully expect some of you to leave comments on why the BBC version is better, but I'm not sure if you can sway me easily. The movie is just so beautiful: a classic love story, wondrous music, clothing I'd love to steal--I mean borrow. I won't delve further into details because I have a separate post in mind for this topic. I've deemed it important enough to, haha.



Normally I don't do anything special with my hair, except you know wash it of course and simply let it air dry. Back in high school there was a period of time I used to straighten it often, which now I have no idea why. I much prefer my curly hair and I did not know the meaning of heat protecting spray back then. Typical teenager. Anywho, I've just been playing with a handful of clips that I have to encourage some of my curls to look more tamed. I'm not really doing my story enough justice, haha. I know I should insert some visuals, but alas I have none at the moment. Patience!
Oh oh, well here is a visual of a hairstyle I'd love to try to attempt:

Perhaps I shall not attempt it in so grand o'fashion, but something similar. If you've seen the movie, I'd also like to wear my hair as Georgiana Darcy does.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! 

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Men's [K-pop] Style

One of my favorite ways to dress is with a gentleman's flare (as I'm sure I've mentioned), although I don't think I do it often enough. Pity. As well, a favorite place or perhaps I should say persons (is that even grammatically correct?) I look for inspiration is via K-pop a la musica. I'm sure that made sense. So often when watching a video I think, "Siiiigghhh, I'd love to wear that." I've been a sucker of Korean men's style in particular for a few years. I have no substantial "style language" in my vocabulary to properly explain why I like it other than the fact that it's positively spiffing. Aha, it's always so unique; yes that helps.

Perhaps prepare for a picture overload...

Perhaps they're going for a Scarecrow from Oz slash Victorian-ish vibe? Either way, neat neat.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Update from Japan

This is only a brief update of Amanda, as I'm sure has scarcely the time or want for chatting for any length whilst in a far more fascinating environment. Aha, I'm enjoying watching 2005 Pride & Prejudice as I type this out, so if this turns out with an ounce of poetical flare, you now know why. Although I must say I rather enjoy it and often wish society still spoke in such a beautiful manner. Now of course it's quite common to hear, "Sup?" as a form of greeting. Hmm, I quickly digress. Onwards to the proper topic at hand. March!

Amanda only sent me a few sentences confirming that she is having a wonderful time and loves it in Japan. I knew she would and am supremely excited to hear more divulging stories than the following: she has hacked off her hair. Ha, well hacked is a very strong word, rather just had her hair cut shorter. She had waited to even get a hair trim until she arrived in Japan. You know, typical lady not satisfied with one's haircut, always hoping for something better. In addition she said she misses me and Thanik. Awww, of course we miss her company as she is always a great laugh. Can't wait to see you Amachan!

 I believe Thanik is still counting on that sushi, Amanda. =P

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DIY Therapy: Glitter, Patches, Hearts & More

I've compiled some of my favorite DIY ideas that would make me a very happy lady if I could do them soon…..really soon…..please. Ahem, there is a lot--you have been warned.
Most of these spiffing projects are from the always colorful Elsie of A Beautiful Mess. Well, the glitter shoes and heart project are technically Elsie's, but the owl, bow and patch DIY's are from other bloggers that were, um, spotlighted on Elsie's blog. Okie Dokie.

This means I can save a pair of shoes from eminent death. Jeez, that sounds bluntly ominous. They're currently in a state that only covering them up completely with something, glitter in this case, will make them look remotely decent. This is what I get for buying cheap shoes.

This would be perfect for a pair of jeans that I hardly wear, mainly because it's a lighter wash jean, which I'm not a huge fan of.

Yes, I would like to look like a bird, thank you. This is actually a costume, but it's far too awesome to limit it as such, no?

Do I loose some of my girl cred because I only have one bow? I do hope to rectify this wrong soon enough.

This will save a blazer/jacket from being outcasted by me, thanks to this simple solution which I have no idea how I did not think of this much earlier---like two years ago. I think I'll replace all the buttons as well because although thank you American Eagle for supplying it to me many moons ago, but I don't want your name stamped across the eleven buttons that adorn the blazer.

(from honestlyWTF)
Although I don't have much, but I love accessories especially peter pan collars or even this men's DIY collar. There is so much room to play, creating dressy or funky pieces. "The funky monkey!" ...Can't remember where I heard that expression from or perhaps I genuinely made that up. I'm sure it's the latter.

This link doesn't really lead to a tutorial, just some inspirational goodness that will make you feel like a flower princess.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekly Favorites, Music Edition

Considering today is technically the start of a new week I should have posted this yesterday, buuuut oh well. I thought it would be fun to do weekly favorites, a sort of review over what I've been loving for a particular week. Sounds fun ya? It keeps things (..well me) consistent on some level. Hurray! For this past week, I'd say it's been a musical edition.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Resolutions & Photography

I know I know, yet another silly person yammering on about "new years resolutions." I'd like to call to the witness stand, um, my defense: this may be my second or third time I've ever done this. Good enough? Fantastic. I've perhaps unwisely come up with several resolutions I'd like to give a go (wait, I'm supposed to say will do, right?) this year round. I'll put it in a nice list to help start things off nicely.

I'm already an organized person, so this will just help me tip-toe my way into the possibly dangerous world of OCD.

Read more
I used to be such a book worm when I was younger and quite frankly I miss it. I do ask myself, "Silly, why don't you read as much anymore?" But I just give myself a cheeky grin with no substantial response. 

Do more crafts
I'm hoping to indulge myself soon enough by starting out with several DIY projects I have in mind for some clothes/shoes I hardly wear. I'll divulge more info about this in a separate post.

Practice Thai (at least 2-3 times  a week)
This has been a challenge considering I'm not around Thai folk (unless you count my husband) very often, sooo I don't get to practice--much. Thankfully I have a spark of motivation because it's confirmed that Thanik's dad will be visiting us at the end of January and staying for three weeks. Yaaaay! He does speak some English, but it's still a bit of a challenge. I'd much prefer if I could just speak to him in Thai. =) 

 Let me know if you're trying a new years resolution.


The other day Thanik gave me my first miniature lesson in photography. Woohoo! I've been wanting to learn anyway, but in particular I don't want my hubby to have to worry about taking any other photos besides outfit photos. Share the load, ya know? He and I are always so patient with each other, so I'm glad it does not bother him each time I might say, "What does this button do?"

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1940s Inspired Hairstyle

For funzies I attempted to create a 1940s hairstyle today, but I think it rather turned out looking 1800s-ish. With my hubbies help we did our best to capture the--unique hairstyle I created. Hmm, I think we should've taken some shots inside because the [cold] wind was completely against our agenda. How rude. Ahh well, you kinda get the idea, although we did forget to take shots of the back of my hair. Practice practice. We'll get better at taking pictures over time, which includes me hopefully improving on keeping my mind from going blank and being an awkward turtle in front of the lens. 

 I'd pinned the front to look like one singular victory roll. To try and put a spotlight on it, I pinned quite a bit of my hair on the sides towards the back in various places to create volume and interest likewise.

  I'm glad I hadn't gotten rid of these blue flats, which I retrieved from my mom's this past holiday weekend. I have a similar pair in a lovely green shade. I haven't worn them in a few years, originally purchased in high school. Hooray for expanding my shoe collection without spending money!

:: Outfit ::
Banana Republic jacket, PXS || Blue Sweater (old), S || Urban Outfitters high waist jeans (altered) || Payless blue suede flats (old), size 6 

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012, A New Year

A happy new year (boo, I missed the 1st) to everyone! I hope the celebrations were safe and enjoyable. The husband and I spent a nice quiet day at home; neither of us are really the "big celebration" type, but perhaps one year we'll dip our toes in and see what's it's like.
We received fantastic news to help us ring in the new year; Thanik's dad will be visiting us either mid to late January and staying for three weeks! It has been a year and a couple months since we saw him last, what with him living half way across the world. Ze hubby and I are under-way of planning for his visit. 

Amanda (ze sister) literally flew into the new year; her final plane leaving for Japan around 12:20pm Saturday, the flight being 12 hours at the least. I found the thought to be rather amusing and cool, no? I'm already anxious to hear her first story...

I suppose I do give into the wonders and hope of a new year like anyone else. Nevertheless, each day is a new beginning so we should never conclude, "I'll change next year." Ya know what I mean? Ahh, but I quickly digress. Any-hoodles, I do look forward to what this new year brings and I do believe it will be a bit brighter than the previous year. I wouldn't say 2011 was a bad year, tough yes, but out of it I learned a lot. Is it far too cliché to say that it made me stronger?

Aha, here is a simple observation already from this new year, that I believe couples will benefit greatly from.
Advice from the Redhead:
The hubby and I have different methods of cleaning, thus may not agree or approve of what the other does. This simple solution to avoid any conflict? Just leave the room. That's it.
I honestly see no reason to spark a conflict, small or big, on something so simple. Be grateful that your muffin/monkey/sweet-pea (etc.)  are helping out; no need to try and find some sort of negative aspect in it. Look on the bright side.

 Let's just get along.

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