Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1940s Inspired Hairstyle

For funzies I attempted to create a 1940s hairstyle today, but I think it rather turned out looking 1800s-ish. With my hubbies help we did our best to capture the--unique hairstyle I created. Hmm, I think we should've taken some shots inside because the [cold] wind was completely against our agenda. How rude. Ahh well, you kinda get the idea, although we did forget to take shots of the back of my hair. Practice practice. We'll get better at taking pictures over time, which includes me hopefully improving on keeping my mind from going blank and being an awkward turtle in front of the lens. 

 I'd pinned the front to look like one singular victory roll. To try and put a spotlight on it, I pinned quite a bit of my hair on the sides towards the back in various places to create volume and interest likewise.

  I'm glad I hadn't gotten rid of these blue flats, which I retrieved from my mom's this past holiday weekend. I have a similar pair in a lovely green shade. I haven't worn them in a few years, originally purchased in high school. Hooray for expanding my shoe collection without spending money!

:: Outfit ::
Banana Republic jacket, PXS || Blue Sweater (old), S || Urban Outfitters high waist jeans (altered) || Payless blue suede flats (old), size 6 

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  1. Ohh, the hair looks truly amazing on you! <3 and I love that shade of green!

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  2. Thanks! I do love to wear a green top of some sort because it compliments my hair [of course]. =)