Friday, January 20, 2012

Casual Outfit :: Bunnies & มือเย็น

I'd like to start off by stating that it was 26 degrees Fahrenheit ( -3.33 C ) when these pictures were taken. I nixed proper winter attire because ya know, I desired to show you my outfit properly. The hubby (in proper winter gear) and I were outside for a good 10 minutes. Surprisingly I was fine with the cold, but my hands (มือเย็น) protested greatly. So, once done I promptly ran inside, fixed myself hot green tea, ate a banana (did nothing for my cold state, but I was hungry) and got under a blanket. Dedication? Check.

Pardon the puckered face, but it was of course cold and very bright.

Yesterday was a casual day, which also included, "I can't be bothered to mess with my hair." Thus the hat. This awesome hat was given to me by my sister who thankfully has too small of a head, so it would fall over her eyes, haha. Does this mean I have a large head? A bit, but I don't have to worry about toppling over or anything. It's my go-to hat when I'm having a bad hair day and during warmer months it's my bowler hat I reach for. As well the shoes were originally Amanda's, but a bit too big for her tiny 5 - 5 1/2 feet.

Again my Asian squat, just trying to protect myself against the cold. It worked a little.

I got this adorable bunny shirt from Urban Outfitters many moons ago, so I doubt it can be found online or in stores. It was on sale, which is consequently the only time I buy something from Urban Outfitters because I'm sure many will agree that they are overpriced. Despite liking the quality (of this shirt), I don't think it's worth its original price between $60-70. The quality of the brand, too, varies often in my opinion.
The collared shirt underneath and shorts are also from U.B. The good thing about the brand is I'm [usually] guaranteed to find clothing that fits. Perhaps this is because it's geared towards teenagers? ...The shorts, size 0, fit pretty well and could stand to be take in a tiny bit, but I rather like the sort of "baggy comfort."

I love to layer pieces over the collared shirt because it very easily adds interest and character to any outfit. I'm still needing to make my own collars, as mentioned here, for funzies so I can give this shirt a rest. 
Anyone else having fun with collars?

:: Outfit ::
Bunny top (XS), Collared top (XS), Shorts (size 0) > Urban Outfitters | Tights - Zipia | Hat - gifted | Shoes (size 6) - Aldo

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