Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DIY Therapy: Glitter, Patches, Hearts & More

I've compiled some of my favorite DIY ideas that would make me a very happy lady if I could do them soon…..really soon…..please. Ahem, there is a lot--you have been warned.
Most of these spiffing projects are from the always colorful Elsie of A Beautiful Mess. Well, the glitter shoes and heart project are technically Elsie's, but the owl, bow and patch DIY's are from other bloggers that were, um, spotlighted on Elsie's blog. Okie Dokie.

This means I can save a pair of shoes from eminent death. Jeez, that sounds bluntly ominous. They're currently in a state that only covering them up completely with something, glitter in this case, will make them look remotely decent. This is what I get for buying cheap shoes.

This would be perfect for a pair of jeans that I hardly wear, mainly because it's a lighter wash jean, which I'm not a huge fan of.

Yes, I would like to look like a bird, thank you. This is actually a costume, but it's far too awesome to limit it as such, no?

Do I loose some of my girl cred because I only have one bow? I do hope to rectify this wrong soon enough.

This will save a blazer/jacket from being outcasted by me, thanks to this simple solution which I have no idea how I did not think of this much earlier---like two years ago. I think I'll replace all the buttons as well because although thank you American Eagle for supplying it to me many moons ago, but I don't want your name stamped across the eleven buttons that adorn the blazer.

(from honestlyWTF)
Although I don't have much, but I love accessories especially peter pan collars or even this men's DIY collar. There is so much room to play, creating dressy or funky pieces. "The funky monkey!" ...Can't remember where I heard that expression from or perhaps I genuinely made that up. I'm sure it's the latter.

This link doesn't really lead to a tutorial, just some inspirational goodness that will make you feel like a flower princess.


  1. I love the idea of covering shoes up with glitter! But I'd prob make a mess of things :/ x

  2. The flower headband will look really pretty on you. And I like the Owl Dress.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love your DIY therapy! I have what I call 'baking therapy' but I will have to try DIY. Did you make the patches yourself? I am about to order some custom patches but I just love your heart ones!

    1. I'm glad you like the DIY ideas so much. =)
      I actually gathered these pictures and ideas from other bloggers that I follow. For instance Elsie from 'A Beautiful Mess' is the creator of the heart patches. You should click the link to see all her other wonderful DIY ideas.
      Good luck on your own patch therapy!