Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012, A New Year

A happy new year (boo, I missed the 1st) to everyone! I hope the celebrations were safe and enjoyable. The husband and I spent a nice quiet day at home; neither of us are really the "big celebration" type, but perhaps one year we'll dip our toes in and see what's it's like.
We received fantastic news to help us ring in the new year; Thanik's dad will be visiting us either mid to late January and staying for three weeks! It has been a year and a couple months since we saw him last, what with him living half way across the world. Ze hubby and I are under-way of planning for his visit. 

Amanda (ze sister) literally flew into the new year; her final plane leaving for Japan around 12:20pm Saturday, the flight being 12 hours at the least. I found the thought to be rather amusing and cool, no? I'm already anxious to hear her first story...

I suppose I do give into the wonders and hope of a new year like anyone else. Nevertheless, each day is a new beginning so we should never conclude, "I'll change next year." Ya know what I mean? Ahh, but I quickly digress. Any-hoodles, I do look forward to what this new year brings and I do believe it will be a bit brighter than the previous year. I wouldn't say 2011 was a bad year, tough yes, but out of it I learned a lot. Is it far too cliché to say that it made me stronger?

Aha, here is a simple observation already from this new year, that I believe couples will benefit greatly from.
Advice from the Redhead:
The hubby and I have different methods of cleaning, thus may not agree or approve of what the other does. This simple solution to avoid any conflict? Just leave the room. That's it.
I honestly see no reason to spark a conflict, small or big, on something so simple. Be grateful that your muffin/monkey/sweet-pea (etc.)  are helping out; no need to try and find some sort of negative aspect in it. Look on the bright side.

 Let's just get along.

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