Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Update from Japan

This is only a brief update of Amanda, as I'm sure has scarcely the time or want for chatting for any length whilst in a far more fascinating environment. Aha, I'm enjoying watching 2005 Pride & Prejudice as I type this out, so if this turns out with an ounce of poetical flare, you now know why. Although I must say I rather enjoy it and often wish society still spoke in such a beautiful manner. Now of course it's quite common to hear, "Sup?" as a form of greeting. Hmm, I quickly digress. Onwards to the proper topic at hand. March!

Amanda only sent me a few sentences confirming that she is having a wonderful time and loves it in Japan. I knew she would and am supremely excited to hear more divulging stories than the following: she has hacked off her hair. Ha, well hacked is a very strong word, rather just had her hair cut shorter. She had waited to even get a hair trim until she arrived in Japan. You know, typical lady not satisfied with one's haircut, always hoping for something better. In addition she said she misses me and Thanik. Awww, of course we miss her company as she is always a great laugh. Can't wait to see you Amachan!

 I believe Thanik is still counting on that sushi, Amanda. =P

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