Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekly Favorites, Music Edition

Considering today is technically the start of a new week I should have posted this yesterday, buuuut oh well. I thought it would be fun to do weekly favorites, a sort of review over what I've been loving for a particular week. Sounds fun ya? It keeps things (..well me) consistent on some level. Hurray! For this past week, I'd say it's been a musical edition.

I'm glad I decided to organize my iPod music (see see, already holding up to part of my resolution) earlier in the week because I came across an artist that made me question, "Why has it been so long since I listened to him. WHY?" The him being Japanese visual kei rocker Miyavi. I believe it was Amanda who originally introduced me to him a couple years ago. If you can believe it---well maybe you can since ya'll don't know me well enough---I used to listen to mainly rock, hard rock, metal and the like. I hardly ever listen to it now, what with my preference being ze Asian music, jazz, classical, etc. Miyavi is therefore one of the few rockers that I listen to. He is such a chameleon with music and is like the samurai of guitarists. Just listen and be amazed:


On a completely different musical note, I've really been loving a Korean band called FT Island

A while back when I first started listening to them, I thought to myself, "Huh, the lead singer looks offly familiar." Silly me, of course he does, he being Lee Hongki who played the character Jeremy in a 2009 K-drama called You're Beautiful, which I mentioned before in Korean Dramas. FT Island is, I'd say, a pop-rock band. Their music is just so catchy and Lee Hongki has a captivating powerful voice.

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  1. I like Miyavi's haircut in the second picture. ;-)