Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekly Favorites :: Learning & Talking Animals

I've been having a lot of fun playing scrabble with the hubby in the past week. I'm woefully deprived of classic board games, having never played this particular game beforehand. The opportunity has never popped its head out of the ground. We're "new age" with it perhaps because we play it on his iphone. We're about to enter our fifth time playing and, ahem, I've won each time. I say this with modesty of course. 


As I'm still on my Pride & Prejudice kick, I've been enjoying listening to the audiobook of the beautiful love story. It's a tad over 12 hours long, so I take it at small bites each day; it cannot be rushed of course.


Thanik and I can not get enough of this BBC video of funny animals. Sometimes, things are just better with a 'British' accent. There are several other videos that we like, this is just one of them. Enjoy!


Doing my best to practice Thai, I've taken up to learning a song called Stay by Palmy. Thanik said it would probably be one of the easiest songs to learn, a main reason I'm sure being that it's a slow song. Hmm, plus Palmy is a favorite of mine. Thanks to his help, I can read through the entire song and can sing along to about 60% of it. Hazza! Some of the phrasing trips me up, so to speak, and despite being a slow song, it's still a tad too fast for me. I'm working on it, ya.

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