Monday, February 13, 2012

Amachan Dreams in Japan, Pt. II

Horray, I can finally continue with this series! Pardon the wait. So, getting straight into it I'd like to focus on the fashion of Japan, although unfortunately I do not have many pictures specifically from Amachan to coincide with this. I'll make it work, don't worry.

There seems to be a stereotype that a majority of Japanese people wear, in short, bold clothing. Perhaps you often imagine something like this: 

The above is true, but really only in terms of the younger crowd, as Amachan observed. As well, you'll generally only find this sense of style in Harajuku and Shibuya, Shibuya in particular being a favored hang out district for the young'ens. Although, Amachan said that she really didn't see a great deal of peculiar fashion during her trip. The most "out there" style she saw was something like this: 

Perhaps clearly, this is a (semi) popular "Barbie" look. 

As well as this:

What she did see the most was uniformity,  meaning everyone blended in. Perhaps it's a winter thing to not really wear bright colors, but in any case a majority of folk wore blacks, browns, taupes, dark greens and the like. Individually speaking, each person was really well put together in terms of layering, use of texture, but considering everyone was supremo professional, (broken record here) everyone inevitably blended in. I really do wonder what that must look like because where I'm from, it's most common to see people in a t-shirt and jeans or in their pajamas or look like they just came from the gym. I'm all for comfort too, but honestly I think it's nice to look like you care, ya know? Perhaps I digress.

This is what Amachan has labeled as the "cute" look, mostly seen in the city and in upscale shopping areas.

This casual style is often seen in malls and in smaller towns.

I commend the good people of Japan for their--ability to take such good care of clothes. I would too if each piece was fairly expensive as it appeared to Amachan. She said that the craftsmanship or quality of clothing is a breath of fresh air. For example, Mystery Man (Amachan's boyfriend) has a pair of jeans that are five years old, yet still look new because he takes such good care of them.

Another sight I'd love to see (I make it sound like I'm going to the zoo) is most if not all the women wear heels, and always have their hair and makeup done. Yet again, not a common thing to see that here where I live. Only the older women here know how to properly walk in heels, the younger crowd like to believe they can. 

Amachan getting her first manicure:

The manicure cost around $40 and has lasted one month thus far and Amachan thinks it will last another two weeks. I'd say it's worth the cost, don't you? Apparently even the men upkeep their nails, at least keeping them clean and trimmed.

Amanda was fortunate to see "old fashion" in Kamakura (near the temples and Buddha) because the Coming of Age ceremonies were being held (pictures above). Well, not true old fashion, more of a modern imitation of it because, according to Amachan, girls were wearing fake lashes, pink and many cutesy items. 

Whilst there Amachan and Mystery Man went to see a concert; Pay money To my Pain (P.T.P.). I believe Mystery Man is the fan. The music attracts more of a younger crowd and the best example of the preferred style is thus:

Apparently this is the nicest version of what was worn. Again being a young crowd, they didn't mind so much about quality clothing.

Phew, I know that was a lot to get through. You may enjoy reading Part I of Amanda's adventures, which focuses on the food in Japan.
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  1. Very pretty manicure!!

  2. these harajuku style is great, I want to go to Japan one day and see those clother:)

  3. This coincides with both of your comments; Amanda realized that you only see these styles again in Shibuya, Harajuku, the bigger cities/districts. However, you don't see it all the time, often there are specific times of the year like events or occasions that "allow" them to dress like this. Otherwise they dress "normal" or just not as bold in everyday life.