Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Big City :: The Small Things

One thing I've realized being in a big city is the strong notion that people don't take enough time to stop and smell a rose--or perhaps a different type of flower if you prefer. I understand the fast pace environment, but perhaps your days won't blend into each other so much if you do walk a little slower or look out your car (bus, train, whichever) window and observe the good and beautiful things around you. Try not to let what your obnoxious boss said eat at you, but let it go and know you are too cool for school. Learn to enjoy the simple things in life...

Turn the corner and you will find a small dose of nature waiting for you.

Tea (or coffee) made especially for you and a book you can escape to.

Blowing bubbles is fun no matter your age.


Finger paint on paper or--on yourself.


The 'simple' moments are often the best.