Friday, February 24, 2012

Feel Good Story

My sister, Amanda, showed me a very inspirational video today, which covers a topic very similar (perhaps if not the same) to what I discussed in my previous post Big City :: The Small Things. The video does a fantastic job both with words and visually communicating the importance of appreciating everything big and small that happens each day in our life. About halfway through the video, an Italian gentlemen narrates in such a soothing manner you will feel by the end, "Oh ho, well I feel at ease. Mhm, this is nice."
In such a fast pace world, it's surprising how often we need to be reminded to slow down and not allow our days to blend together. Pull out your schedule, wherever that may be located, and add this video to your "To Do" at least once a week. Let's all take the time to feel like a nice ray of sunshine, shall we?


(after you have watched the video) 
Now who feels better?

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