Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Instruments :: The Right Note


Since I was a lass, I've wanted to try my hands at both the piano and violin. I'm sure back then the most I thought of it was, "Ooo, pretty sounds." Frankly, I still think that, but I've at least added to that thought in terms of, they would be a great and fun challenge. As well, the hubby told me that when he was younger his dad would sometimes, in the mornings, play the violin. As long as it wasn't too early, I think that would be a right splendid way to start the day. I'd like to be able to do that for ze hubby, lull him to sleep at night and wake him in the morning with jolly good tunes.

I do happen to have a violin, which I tried to teach myself to play several years ago. Hmm, it did not go well and since then I've waited for an opportunity and time to have a proper teacher. I've no particular interest to become some world famous violinist or pianist, I simply want to learn them for fun and to have another means of entertaining my hubby and anyone who happens to visit…Or perhaps become a musical duo with my hubby, who is learning the saxaphone. If you're reading this sweetie, yes I will learn the Star Wars theme song for you.

Does anyone play or want to play an instrument?
Playing an instrument is a great way to exercise your brain power, mhm. That's a great deed to yourself, so check that off the list (whichever list that might be).

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  1. Yeah for the Main Theme of Star Wars. I need to practice my part, then.