Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weekend With Amachan

This is long overdue, but still I would like to share with you some photos from when Amanda visited the hubby and I, oh, a week before our trip to San Francisco. She is always great fun to have around. A bonus jonas is the fact that she and my hubby get along so well; Amanda is like a sister to my hubby, really. In fact they like to gang up on me when teasing me or always talking over me. How rude (anyone know that reference?). Ha, no I don't mind it....Maybe.

We laughed a lot this day. Amanda was especially giggle filled because of the colorful drink. I had disappointing coffee, but we also had gelato, so I was satisfied.

One of my favorite pictures from that day. We're doing "the sniff," an affectionate gesture Thai folk do to significant others and family.

These are Amanda's adorable shoes, which happen to be the only clothing piece she purchased while in Japan. Cute, but she can only wear them for a couple hours at a time; not the most comfortable shoes.

Amanda has such a contagious smile, don't you think?

Amanda stayed with us for two days and the second night Thanik grilled some of the most scrumptious pork I've ever eaten. Truly. With it we ate sticky rice and complimentary spicy Thai sauce. Afterwords it was like a little kid sleepover with s'mores. We watched a couple episodes of The Big Bang Theory, one of the hubby's and my favorite shows. Amanda made herself perfectly comfortable in our bed, which she's always been a bit jealous of. Good times.

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