Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weekly Favorites :: Arrietty, Simplicity, & คุณพ่อ

I skipped last weeks favorites because I smartly decided 'weekly favorites' once a week is a wee bit too much, considering I post maybe four or so times a week. Reasonable? Super. Now on with the show!

The Secret World of Arrietty has quickly become one of my favorite movies. It is one of the newest films by Studio Ghibli, a Japanese animation and film studio. Including Arrietty (watch it here), this is the sixth Studio Ghibli film that I have seen. The film is very sweet and relaxing to watch or just have playing in the background. Arrietty, a borrower, lives with her mother and father anonymously in the residence of Sho's, the young boy, grandmother's house. Things take a turn for Arrietty and her family when she is discovered by Sho.  


I think it is safe to say that I pride myself in the fact that I am easily entertained. As you now know I am visiting San Francisco. We--myself, ze hubby and his dad--are not wanting to spend much money, therefore we haven't gone to see typical attractions such as tours, some museums, parks, etc. I've been perfectly peachy with walking around and seeing the sights. Perhaps another way of explaining it is--I can be like a cat, happy to play with just a ball of string. Thanik, ze hubby, is rather glad and amused at how easily entertained I can be. Is anyone else like this?


I've gotten a good idea of what Thanik will be like when he is older; very much like his dad. Well, he already is really: silly, loves animals, excited to have kids, a critic of food, likes the outdoors and loves coffee. Those are just some of the similarities anyway. I've been able to talk to คุณพ่อ (dad) fairly well, but of course if I could speak Thai fluently then it would be much easier...Or even German because คุณพ่อ is just that cool. He lived in Germany for 10 years as I may have mentioned a while back.

All three of us miss good Thai food [on this trip].

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

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