Saturday, March 24, 2012

Weekly Favorites :: Korea, Spring & Dance

There are two aspects of Korea that I've been particularly enjoying. I am glad I found a husband and wife duo (not the singing kind), Simon and Martina, that have been documenting about what they have learned in South Korea for the past four years. I don't want to go into too much detail because I thought it would be nice to do a full post on them (to be expected in a day or two), so you can experience them in their full glory… That makes sense in my head. Hm, instead of just giving you a nibble, I'd like to present the full dish. Done.

Simon and Martina, such a fun couple.

Ahem, one thing I picked up from a particular video of theirs is an expression: "Ang." It roughly means cute or cutely sexy; you can skip to 2:47--into the video, where Martina does the sound. I've seen it used in a couple K-dramas such as You're Beautiful. I've had a lot of simple amusement saying this to my hubby. He thinks it's adorable...for now.

There was another video that they explain "Ang" better, but I couldn't find it. Forgive?


Rain rain go away come again, you're so fun to plaaay in.
I know I've already talked about spring, but allow me to express my love for it one more time. Ahem.

..Was that anticlimactic? Ah well, I am simply enjoying the fresh colors blossoming everywhere; everything looks to healthy and fresh [of course].


To change up my exercise routine, my lovey husband has found two alternative options for me to try. The first is a yoga video with a slightly intimidating looking lady, the teacher, but kudos for her enthusiasm. The second is a dance [workout] video with an instructor who's personality reminds me of the southern bell, Charlotte, from The Princess and the Frog. You know I'm referring to, ya? I haven't tried the dance video yet, but I think the first time I do, ze hubby said he'd join me. It shall be epic, funny times.
Dancing is also one of my favorite ways to exercise. I took a couple dance classes back in college and although they were sometimes tough, it was fun and didn't feel like a chore. 

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring, the Feel Good Season

I love you...spring because you bring about the feeling of renewal, a new day, a new start. Such a talented season. You can't help but feel happiness with so many beautiful colors blossoming everywhere. It's always nice to see the new cycle of life, so to speak. 




Sunday, March 18, 2012

Healthy Relationships, a Simple Tip

My husband and I have a wonderful relationship and I would love to share our insight to you, ladies and gentlemen, in the hopes that our experiences can help you and your significant other have a happy and healthy relationship, too (although I'm sure you already do). I feel like I'm giving a presentation. Anywho, for today [class] I'd like to focus on a particular tip, which let's call the reward system.

Everyone likes to be praised [on some level] for doing a job well done, right? For instance when I was a kid, if I ate all my vegetables during dinner I was allowed to have dessert. Raise your hand if your parents did this to you, too. I think this same notion can be applied to you sugar-plum, a.k.a. significant other. Let me give you a brief scenario that happened to me today.

This morning while helping my hubby cook breakfast, he very kindly thanked me for helping out (he wears the apron in the kitchen, normally) and likewise thanked me for, in general, taking such good care of the household. His sincere gratitude was enough for me, but he took it a step further and said that as a "reward" he would watch a movie of my choosing with me. Aww, very sweet of him! I was not expecting it, which made me even more warm and fuzzy inside. And by the way, I chose Harry Potter, part II of the seventh movie. Respect.

Another example is when my hubby had been working all day, on a weekend, I told him how proud I was and wanted to give him a massage for his hard work. Not something he expected, but he eagerly and graciously accepted my offer.

 Don't get greedy though and expect 'rewards' all the time.

Doing these sort of rewards or 'presents' are a simple way to show how much you care and appreciate each other. You can choose how big or small you want your gesture to be, of course and how often you do this. Nevertheless keep in mind not to get to a point where you expect some sort of reward every time you're a good boy or girl. Be genuine and be humble about it. =)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Emma Watson, A+ Style & Acting

Do you have a favorite actor or actress that you watch a movie or show just because they are in it?

  Emma Watson is one of those actresses for me. For actors Johnny Depp is a favorite (not the only one) and I've watched a few movies, not normally my taste, but watched them anyway because he's in it.
Since the release of the first Potter film, I've 'grown up' with Watson and am quite impressed with the development of her acting chops. I was truly blown away by her performance in the final [two] installments of the Potter series in particular. Each time I watch part of the film, I take notes on her performance. As a theatre major, I'm always looking to learn something new.

In addition to her acting I admire her style both on and off the red carpet.
A fair warning, a plethora of pictures will now ensue...Enjoy!

You have to love candid funny smiles.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why Do You Blog?


I've thought about this many times before and drawn the same two simple conclusions:

I would like to connect with other folk who share the same interests as me. We do the same thing in person, so the same notion applies online, right? We're no longer limited to meeting people in the same town, but all over the world. Who else would love to be able to say, "As my friend from Australia would say…" This would be said of course with perfect nonchalance, mhm.

The second reason is I write about what makes me happy or find inspirational, something I would love to share. So, 'spread the love' in a sense.  A small analogy is the simple happiness I get when I share my cookie with someone.  Folks, I'm sharing my cookie with you.

Or perhaps a shake?

Perhaps this evokes another question, where do I see my blog heading? My answer is fairly broad for now: to continue spreading my happiness and knowledge. I'm sort of going with the flow, so perhaps down the line I'll refine this goal, if you will.

I'm curiouswhy do you beautiful folk out there blog?
To inspire. To spread a philosophy.
To spread awareness of an issue you find important.
To share info on a hobby of yours. And so forth.

As well, do you have any particular goals for your blog in the long run? Perhaps you want to make blogging your job or it's a jumping off point for a future business, whatever that may be.

Imagine if you will I'm now like a teenage girl sitting by the phone, just waiting for your call… Or a cute kitten waiting. Ya, no pressure.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Drama Weekly :: Korean Movie, 'Always'

I've decided to call my bi-weekly Asian drama recommendations "Drama Weekly." Sound good? Aces.
Switching countries from the previous post (about Kimi Wa Petto), I'm focusing on a moving film from Korea called Always. It's a recent movie, having been released in theatres in October 2011, starring  So Ji-Sub and Han Hyo-Joo.

This is going in my book (conveniently stored in my noggin) as one of favorite romance movies. I was initially taken aback a bit by the slightly dark tone and violence, but if you look at the big picture, it's a timeless story of love overcoming many hardships. 
Cheol-min, played by So Ji-Sub, is an ex boxer who has a dark past and has closed himself off to love. The sunshine he is desperately needing comes in the form of a spirited young lady named Jeong-Hwa, played by Han Hyo-Joo. They form perhaps a unique bond that grows into what we all need, love. Jeong-Hwa has been loosing her sight and has an opportunity to regain it before it's lost, but at what cost? Boys and girls, you will have to see for yourself.  You can watch the movie here.


Consider me old fashioned, but I would not recommend this film to anyone younger than 15 or 16 due to violence and some sexual content. On another note, make sure you have a box of tissues at hand when watching this film. Han Hyo-Joo's performance is incredibly moving that I couldn't help but blubber like a baby. I have seen her in two other works, a drama from 2006 Spring Waltz and a historical drama called Dong Yi from 2010. Practice makes perfect indeed, but Han Hyo-Joo is a natural in my humble opinion.
This is the first show/film I've seen So Ji-Sub in, but I do have one of his previous works on my "to see" list; Sorry, I Love You. He's left a good impression.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Relationships :: Always Show the Love

Do you remember when you started dating, you would tell your sugar-plum how wonderful he/she is, how much you care for them, how proud you are of them, and the list goes on..?
Why did you stop?
A bad habit couples get into once they've been together for a long time or simply the "newness" of the relationship wears off, is they stop telling the other how great they are.
"But he/she knows that I love him/her." Yes they know, but it is important to be reminded of it. This is a big topic to cover, having a good/successful relationship, so to start let me give you some simple bite size advice to begin with. 

 Tell them every day that you love them.

When he washes the dishes, thank him for helping.
Hold hands when you're in public. Hold hands when you're sitting together on the couch at home.
Sit next to each other when you're out to eat, not on opposite sides.
When she is doing the laundry, thank her for helping.

 When your muffin is having a bad day, hug them.

Tell him/her how attractive they are every day.
Let your hubby brush your hair while you read a book.
When he opens the door of the car for you, thank him.

 Cuddle with each other at bedtime or in the middle of the day.

When he/she pays for a meal, thank them.
Be considerate, get him/her a glass of water not just when they ask.
If he/she is doing a task, ask if you can help. In return, thank him/her for their consideration.
Give him a massage in the middle of the day, just because.

When there is one piece of chocolate left, share it.

All of these examples listed (and the list goes on) are from my own experience/doings each day with my wonderful husband.
Don't get lazy, keep communicating. Yes relationships are a lot of work, but if you continually work on it, think positive, what you create can be so rewarding and wonderful.

Location.. Communication. Communication. Communication.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekly Favorites :: Stories, Dramas & Snacks

Reading bedtime stories is not just for little ones. Grown-ups (my husband) also enjoy a tale or two before bedtime. It's a lovely bonding experience. Plus I get to practice doing character voices.
Have you done this for your significant other before?



Perhaps as expected, I can't get enough of my Asian dramas. Lately I've been on a Japanese and Taiwanese drama kick. Bonus points if you can guess the name of the drama each of these pictures are from.


I'm surprised I've made the snacks my sister brought back from Japan last this long. Bear with me on my fantastic descriptions.

I was sure Amachan told me this was some kind of mint, but it's simply candy.

One of my favorite snacks was this airy, light cornbread type snack with flavorings very similar to cheese puffs.

This is a slightly spicy snack with a dash of peanuts mixed into it. Quite addictive.

Cookies or crackers, whichever you'd label it as, they are yummy.

Mochi! Amachan brought several individually wrapped pieces of mochi and all of them were the same, hmm, green tea type flavor. They were not the normal dessert size, but small snacks.

There were a couple other types of snacks she brought back for us to try, but pictured above is sufficient enough I think. All a thumbs up.
Thank you for reading!

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