Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Drama Weekly :: Korean Movie, 'Always'

I've decided to call my bi-weekly Asian drama recommendations "Drama Weekly." Sound good? Aces.
Switching countries from the previous post (about Kimi Wa Petto), I'm focusing on a moving film from Korea called Always. It's a recent movie, having been released in theatres in October 2011, starring  So Ji-Sub and Han Hyo-Joo.

This is going in my book (conveniently stored in my noggin) as one of favorite romance movies. I was initially taken aback a bit by the slightly dark tone and violence, but if you look at the big picture, it's a timeless story of love overcoming many hardships. 
Cheol-min, played by So Ji-Sub, is an ex boxer who has a dark past and has closed himself off to love. The sunshine he is desperately needing comes in the form of a spirited young lady named Jeong-Hwa, played by Han Hyo-Joo. They form perhaps a unique bond that grows into what we all need, love. Jeong-Hwa has been loosing her sight and has an opportunity to regain it before it's lost, but at what cost? Boys and girls, you will have to see for yourself.  You can watch the movie here.


Consider me old fashioned, but I would not recommend this film to anyone younger than 15 or 16 due to violence and some sexual content. On another note, make sure you have a box of tissues at hand when watching this film. Han Hyo-Joo's performance is incredibly moving that I couldn't help but blubber like a baby. I have seen her in two other works, a drama from 2006 Spring Waltz and a historical drama called Dong Yi from 2010. Practice makes perfect indeed, but Han Hyo-Joo is a natural in my humble opinion.
This is the first show/film I've seen So Ji-Sub in, but I do have one of his previous works on my "to see" list; Sorry, I Love You. He's left a good impression.

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  1. I agree with your comment regarding ALWAYS and Han Hyo Joo's performance. She is indeed a natural artist which doesn't fail to touch the hearts of her audience and fans.

  2. Hi! You might want to try the drama "Shining Inheritance" wherein Han Hyo Joo is the main lead actress. You will appreciate her talent more cuz of her character's personality in the drama! Just sharing! Btw I enjoyed this movie too!

  3. cheenysshi,

    I've tried to watch that drama twice, and never made it through the first episode. I should know better to keep going because often k-dramas don't hook me anyway until about the second or third episode. Perhaps the third time is the charm? =)

  4. I didn't know that there is such movie like this. I haven't heard about this film but I think it's worth watching.