Friday, March 16, 2012

Emma Watson, A+ Style & Acting

Do you have a favorite actor or actress that you watch a movie or show just because they are in it?

  Emma Watson is one of those actresses for me. For actors Johnny Depp is a favorite (not the only one) and I've watched a few movies, not normally my taste, but watched them anyway because he's in it.
Since the release of the first Potter film, I've 'grown up' with Watson and am quite impressed with the development of her acting chops. I was truly blown away by her performance in the final [two] installments of the Potter series in particular. Each time I watch part of the film, I take notes on her performance. As a theatre major, I'm always looking to learn something new.

In addition to her acting I admire her style both on and off the red carpet.
A fair warning, a plethora of pictures will now ensue...Enjoy!

You have to love candid funny smiles.

Although her dress is fairly low cut, she always has a nice balance of slight "sexiness" and modesty. In a past article, Watson has stated that it's not necessary to reveal a lot of skin to be sexy. *nods* Thank you. 

A simple outfit, but yet so effortlessly chic.

Here are some photos from magazine shoots for more style enjoyment.

I adore her pixie cut. If I ever grow some balls (awkward moment), I'd love to attempt to rock this sort of hairstyle. Of course her delicate features lend a big helping hand to her pulling it off.

Let me know who some of your favorite actors/actresses are. =)

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