Sunday, March 11, 2012

Relationships :: Always Show the Love

Do you remember when you started dating, you would tell your sugar-plum how wonderful he/she is, how much you care for them, how proud you are of them, and the list goes on..?
Why did you stop?
A bad habit couples get into once they've been together for a long time or simply the "newness" of the relationship wears off, is they stop telling the other how great they are.
"But he/she knows that I love him/her." Yes they know, but it is important to be reminded of it. This is a big topic to cover, having a good/successful relationship, so to start let me give you some simple bite size advice to begin with. 

 Tell them every day that you love them.

When he washes the dishes, thank him for helping.
Hold hands when you're in public. Hold hands when you're sitting together on the couch at home.
Sit next to each other when you're out to eat, not on opposite sides.
When she is doing the laundry, thank her for helping.

 When your muffin is having a bad day, hug them.

Tell him/her how attractive they are every day.
Let your hubby brush your hair while you read a book.
When he opens the door of the car for you, thank him.

 Cuddle with each other at bedtime or in the middle of the day.

When he/she pays for a meal, thank them.
Be considerate, get him/her a glass of water not just when they ask.
If he/she is doing a task, ask if you can help. In return, thank him/her for their consideration.
Give him a massage in the middle of the day, just because.

When there is one piece of chocolate left, share it.

All of these examples listed (and the list goes on) are from my own experience/doings each day with my wonderful husband.
Don't get lazy, keep communicating. Yes relationships are a lot of work, but if you continually work on it, think positive, what you create can be so rewarding and wonderful.

Location.. Communication. Communication. Communication.

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