Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why Do You Blog?


I've thought about this many times before and drawn the same two simple conclusions:

I would like to connect with other folk who share the same interests as me. We do the same thing in person, so the same notion applies online, right? We're no longer limited to meeting people in the same town, but all over the world. Who else would love to be able to say, "As my friend from Australia would say…" This would be said of course with perfect nonchalance, mhm.

The second reason is I write about what makes me happy or find inspirational, something I would love to share. So, 'spread the love' in a sense.  A small analogy is the simple happiness I get when I share my cookie with someone.  Folks, I'm sharing my cookie with you.

Or perhaps a shake?

Perhaps this evokes another question, where do I see my blog heading? My answer is fairly broad for now: to continue spreading my happiness and knowledge. I'm sort of going with the flow, so perhaps down the line I'll refine this goal, if you will.

I'm curiouswhy do you beautiful folk out there blog?
To inspire. To spread a philosophy.
To spread awareness of an issue you find important.
To share info on a hobby of yours. And so forth.

As well, do you have any particular goals for your blog in the long run? Perhaps you want to make blogging your job or it's a jumping off point for a future business, whatever that may be.

Imagine if you will I'm now like a teenage girl sitting by the phone, just waiting for your call… Or a cute kitten waiting. Ya, no pressure.

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  1. This is a really good question!
    I love your answers!! So sweet.

  2. I am blogging to share the beauty of the world trough picture ^^
    Ya, I'm having photoblog at