Monday, April 30, 2012

Your Music Interests, Then & Now

Something that is always fascinating to hear (read in this case) is how folks taste in music changes over the years. What I listen to most often now is drastically different from what I used to listen to on a regular basis in high school. You have my attention now, I'd love to know:

How has your taste in music changed over the years from when you were a wee lass/lad till now?
What do you think influences you in these changes?

I wish my cassette walkman had been this colorful. Nope, I had a simple understated silver one. Cassette's, you will always have a place in my heart.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Amachan Dreams in Japan, Pt. V

Tokyo DisneySea is a popular destination for couples. The way Amachan explains it, it seems Mystery Man was most excited for the day adventure. He had a great time, enthusiastically guiding Amachan by the hand everywhere and proudly showing a little PDA, ho ho. No one is too old or too young to enjoy the awesomeness of Disney. (disclosure: I was not asked by any Disney authority to speak highly of their establishment, although I may be open to it…)


Mickey Mouse is perhaps too popular for his own good, making people wait an hour just to take a picture with him. With only one day to spend in the park, ze couple had to skip out on a photogenic moment with the iconic mouse. I guess the wizard hat will have to do.

Monday, April 23, 2012

How To Get An Asian Man :: Phase II

In this phase I'd like to address some tips on how to 'keep' your Asian. This will really only apply to those who are in or are considering a serious relationship with your Asian gentleman.
A top point will be to incorporate some of their culture into your  lifestyle. This really does help in bonding with your gentleman. I know that if I had never originally incorporated my husbands culture I don't think we would have as close a connection. After all his culture is a part of him, why not do your best to understand and accept it better? My wonderful husband was and is still very touched by the fact that I have been learning about his culture.

Songkran Festival, which happens between April 13-15.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekly Fav's :: Música, Delicious & Korean TV

I have quite a few favorites, more than I realized, so let's jump right in.

*sing song voice* Love love love love parade!

Love Parade by DGNA is such an addicting song. It's upbeat and positive, what more could you ask for? I discovered DGNA (Daikoku Danji  - 大国男児 or The Boss as known in Korea) within the past month or so and I'm really enjoying them. They're more well known in Japan compared to their home country South Korea. Understandable since their debut in 2010, they released one mini album in Korea and soon after moved on to Japan. At some point they'll "come back" to Korea and make a name, if you will, for themselves. Ya ya.

Anywho, I see a lot of potential in this young group and I mean young. The eldest is maybe 21 and the youngest, the maknae as they're called, is 18. It blows my mind how many Korean groups in particular will start out when they're as young as 15 or 16. I finally grew out of my awkward years maybe two years ago, when I graduated college.

Friday, April 20, 2012

How To Get An Asian Man, Phase I

I've noticed that in just the past couple of years there has been greater interest in interracial relationships between Asian (I'll be over-killing this word, bare with me) men and non-Asian women. It makes sense what with the growing popularity of Japanese and Korean pop music and dramas. So I thought I'd put in my two sense and hopefully encourage more interracial relationships with Asian men as I am married to one. Oh, my heart gave a flutter, haha. I honestly couldn't be happier. 

The big question remains though, how does one even enter into a relationship with the ever mysterious Asian male? Let me give you some insight, not only with obtaining (it sounds like you're trying to win a prize at a county fair) an Asian gentlemen, but keeping one. Challenge accepted (anyone know the reference)!

Allow me to treat you to some, ahem, eye candy throughout this post. You're welcome. Bonus jonus if you can name them.

Addressing the first major obstacle: finding one
Now I'm coming from the perspective of a female who has lived in the U.S. all my life, so I can't speak for other lovely ladies elsewhere.
As I've observed most Asians dwell on the east and west coast of the U.S.; California and the north east states specifically. I live in the mid-west where I generally see very few. Luckily for me I went to college in a "college town" where international students often attend. Not enough to blow your mind, but enough. Thus, geography plays a big key.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Drama Weekly :: Ohitorisama (J-Drama)


What a relief it was to find this overall light hearted drama. I tend to lean towards the more 'serious' dramas and the sort of half serious half comedy. Sometimes though, I need a break from all that who's your momma and just tell him how you feel!!! heartache. Ohitorisama (watch it here) has a nice blend of a sprinkle of slap-stick comedy, a nice [big] dollop of comedy that won't grind your gears and some serious-ish (yet not really) moments that won't make your emotions go up and down like a yo-yo.
I don't always want to spoil a drama for those who have not seen the shows I review, so allow me to try and be as cryptic as possible. 


I know I'm supposed to be selling this in such a manner as: "Watch this, it is super wonderful (insert sparkles and confetti)!" but as much as I really enjoyed each character, the relationships that happen throughout are a tad hard to accept.

I take that back, I did not enjoy every character. It's easy to choose my least favorite character, that being Sawai Kimika played by Matsushita Nao. I give her props though for making me dislike her. She managed to evoke some emotion out of me, so I see that as a sign of a good actress. She plays the sort of determined woman that makes you feel uncomfortable. She's like a cat forcing a mouse into a corner and you're desperate for someone to snap her out of her delusional state. 

It's true that the relationships that happen are a bit of a head scratch, a sort of, "Really?" For all hopeless romantics out there, this may make your sunshine day a little cloudy.


One theme that never fails whether it's a Korean drama or Japanese, is the lack of communication. Don't get me wrong, I understand that it's part of the culture; Japan is very much about harmony, keeping the peace, having great respect for those around them and so on. Still, good-googly-moogly the amount of miscommunication that could be avoided if characters were a little more open is astounding. 

Because of people not being honest with each other, the drama does drag a little. If the characters were straight forward, then this drama could be cut down to possibly 8 episodes instead of 10. Alas, what would a J-drama be without it's, well, unnecessary drama? For those who are new to J & K dramas, you should expect the irritation of characters not getting to the point. I suppose it's a love-hate relationship.


Since I'm not wanting to give away much information I'll conclude it here. Quick recap: this is a light hearted drama that perhaps is geared towards those that are familiar with J-Dramas. If you're new to the game, then this may not be your cup-a-joe and you may find it hard to like some of the characters and scenarios. 
I myself am not in love with this drama, but I was glad for a change. It's a drama you can watch without attachment and just enjoy the silly-ness of it. In particular, the fact that the male lead is shorter than his potential love interest.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Amachan Dreams in Japan, Pt. IV

"What's this? You still have pictures and stories about Amachan that you're just now revealing?" Shhh, shhh, don't think about how long its been you kind person, you. Ahem, let's just enjoy this [late] present shall we? Super.

According to Amachan Yokohama is a magical place. She and mystery-man-boyfriend were able to spend a full day and an overnight stay as well in an inexpensive yet nice hotel, Hotel New Grand, which had a pleasant view of the ocean. 

View from their hotel room.

Oh nice, a view of the harbor and Yamashita Park. Bonus jonus.

An image just inside the train station, already in Yokohama. Amachan said there were many shops within the station. It seems she and MM stopped by the hotel first before venturing off, as Amachan is in a lovely lace dress in the rest of the images.

I'd love to visit Yokohama for myself not only for the magical qualities, but because of its quiet and calm nature. At least the day Amachan and MM visited Osanbashi Pier, it was fairly quiet and warmer than usual. A city with a population over 3 million can be quiet? I accept. Perhaps it's a nice getaway from the busiest city, Tokyo, located conveniently a train ride less than half an hour away… meaning it's convenient that Yokohama is so close, just so we're clear.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Weekly Favorites :: Cool Down, Trails & 'Ah-ha'

 This is not where I live, but to give you the feeling that it too is cool and beautiful where I live. Ya.

For a little over a week the weather has remembered that it's spring and thus shouldn't be in the 80s yet. It's been quite lovely in the low 70s and some days only hovering in the low 60s. Perfection. It's not unusual for it to be in the 80s already in my nick-of-the-woods because the weather likes to drastically change from week to week even day to day. Nevertheless, the cool temperatures are---music to my senses. I'm clearly on a weather kick.


If only our trail looked like this...

A couple times ze hubby and I have had a lovely stroll slash hike at a nearby trail. We discovered a different path with far less traffic, which is to our taste. As contradicting as it is, although I love my nature I don't like the aspect of bugs that see me as [stinging] target practice nor other creepy-crawlers that see me as a jungle gym. I don't appreciate it. Thanik questions whether he could ever take me camping. I question it too, although I have been camping when I was younger. We'll cross that hurdle in the future.


I quite enjoy learning about the small details of Japan, not just the famous temples and such that tourists typically go to (although I like that part too). I enjoy learning about everyday life events that are not as regularly discussed. A gentleman from Australia who has been living in Japan for several (I believe) years now does a great job at documenting what it's like to live in Japan. He's very respectful and honest about it all. 

When I eventually visit Japan, I'll feel more comfortable about it because of the insightful knowledge he has provided. He has over 900 videos and my favorite have to be his How To vidoes which cover, well, how to do things in Japan.  He doesn't do anything fancy with his videos, just pure relevant and concise information. Above is one of my favorite "Ah-ha" moment videos. It is a long one about doing business, but quite useful.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! 
(Pics by

Friday, April 6, 2012

Simple Remedy for Brighter Skin

I've mentioned in a beauty review that I use vitamin e (gel capsules) under my eyes for my night time routine. For the past, oh, three weeks or so I've been applying it to my entire face. However, I do not apply it in it's natural sticky form because that would be darn uncomfortable and I wouldn't be able to cuddle with my hubby. Do not deny me my cuddle time. Ahem, once again I've followed a tip from my sister which is to combine the vitamin e with aloe vera skin gel. I purchased a small 2 oz tube at a local GNC store for less than $2 and it's lasted me several months.

 I'll sometimes put this on my lips instead of chap-stick.

I should insert pictures for those of you who prefer visuals, but alas I do not have any, so bare with me on my explanation. It really does not take much aloe or vitamin e to coat your beautiful face. I apply the two gel's in sections, i.e. the lower half of my right cheek, then the top half, my left cheek, then my forehead and so on. With each application, if you will, I squeeze a small drop (use an amount you deem appropriate and comfortable) of the vitamin e onto my ring finger and a small dollop of aloe on top of that, then proceed to blend it onto a section of skin. This is repeated until I've covered my entire face.

 The aloe vera plant, a fairly common houseplant.

As most of you may know, vitamin e has great anti-aging properties. Aloe Vera is also organic and has great healing properties for you skin. It's what you apply to sun burns after all. If you'd like to have more knowledge on vitamin e, please read this article.  

 Vitamin E kind of looks like honey doesn't it?

So, what have I noticed from this routine? My skin does look a bit brighter, not as dull as it used to be. Horray for looking more lively. Even at my age, I noticed that creases on my forehead were not disappearing entirely or as quickly compared to my 'younger' years. Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me, I do believe the vitamin e in particular has helped reduce the deepness, if you will, of the creases.
In short, thank you vitamin e for making me no longer look like I've been punched in both eyes (an observation from my dear sister), for brightening my face and preventing wrinkles.

Do any of you ladies or gents use vitamin e and/or aloe vera gel in your beauty routine?

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Drama Weekly :: Coffee Prince

I've mentioned this drama once before in a post about Korean dramas back in August of last year, but I've deemed it worthy to delve into more glorious detail for you lovely viewers. Plus, I'm watching this drama for the third time... I will most likely be giving away more detail than you ever wanted to know, so for those of you who have not seen this---keep reading if you welcome a cornucopia of spoilers.

A top reason why I praise, so to speak, this drama is the way in which the topic of homosexuality is handled. In the few dramas I've watched where a woman masquerades as a man, in the end when it's revealed that she's not a man, it's generally laughed off. Coffee Prince (click the link to watch it) on the other hand, I believe, shows a deeper view into what a man may really go through, the struggles, in believing that he was falling for another male. 

The character Gong Yoo is quite distraught and feels betrayed when he finds out that Eun Chan is a woman. Before he found this out, after much thought, he was willing to take any backlash from his family and society in order to be with Eun Chan. That takes some courage, particularly in Korean society. Do not misunderstand, I am not an expert on Korean culture, nor am trying to come across as such and likewise I am not judging. I come in peace fellow earthlings.
Ahem. In short ladies and gents, I appreciate the realistic, perhaps for lack of a better word(?), approach this drama took on the aspect of homosexuality. Bravo.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Martina & Simon says Eat Your Kimchi

As many of you know I have a soft spot for Korea, so I was very happy to find Simon and Martina's Youtube channel where they talk of many aspects on Korea. Hazza! Simon and Martina have lived in Korea for roughly four years now, though both are originally from Canada. They are a wonderfully adorable, spunky/funky, intelligent married couple. They're always being complimented on their cute/healthy relationship. Truly they are like Batman and Robin, Yin and Yang---they work so well together. Mhm, they remind me of my own hubby and I.