Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Amachan Dreams in Japan, Pt. IV

"What's this? You still have pictures and stories about Amachan that you're just now revealing?" Shhh, shhh, don't think about how long its been you kind person, you. Ahem, let's just enjoy this [late] present shall we? Super.

According to Amachan Yokohama is a magical place. She and mystery-man-boyfriend were able to spend a full day and an overnight stay as well in an inexpensive yet nice hotel, Hotel New Grand, which had a pleasant view of the ocean. 

View from their hotel room.

Oh nice, a view of the harbor and Yamashita Park. Bonus jonus.

An image just inside the train station, already in Yokohama. Amachan said there were many shops within the station. It seems she and MM stopped by the hotel first before venturing off, as Amachan is in a lovely lace dress in the rest of the images.

I'd love to visit Yokohama for myself not only for the magical qualities, but because of its quiet and calm nature. At least the day Amachan and MM visited Osanbashi Pier, it was fairly quiet and warmer than usual. A city with a population over 3 million can be quiet? I accept. Perhaps it's a nice getaway from the busiest city, Tokyo, located conveniently a train ride less than half an hour away… meaning it's convenient that Yokohama is so close, just so we're clear.

A candid moment from Amachan, though showcasing her lovely legs.

The Red Brick Warehouses are filled with interesting shops, restaurants and some spaces dedicated to events and exhibitions.

As much as I like Ferris Wheels in my--imagination, I'd rather watch on the safe ground. So congrats to Amachan and MM for getting to see Minato Mirai from high places (was that a good pun? ...Guys?).
Cosmo World Ferris Wheel even has what used to be the worlds largest clock. How convenient--when you're not on the Ferris Wheel.

Since the Ferris Wheel was their main and only destination in Cosmo World, afterword they spent some time in an arcade.

 I don't think this was Amachan's first time in an arcade, but it was her first time playing this---drum game. She had a hard time finding the right beat. Mystery Man had greater success, but in defense of Amachan MM has had practice since he was a kid. Still, better luck next time Amachan.

 Pokémon, you really are larger than life. This fella is just outside of the amusement park, which resides on the man made island called Minato Mirai Shinko District.

It seems I've already mentioned one of the restaurants they visited in Yokohama in Part I. Well now we all know the Chinese restaurant is in Chinatown, one of the largest in the world.

Part II focuses on the fashion.
 Part III I talk about more than you may ever want to know about Japanese cleanliness.
Part V shows much love for Disney Sea.

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  1. Hope i can convince you to go on the ferris wheel with me when you come and visit. It is a 15 minute ride and it goes so slow so you can look out and see everything. So amazing and beautiful to see the water from up top and be in the middle of all the buildings.

  2. Do you live in Japan, then?
    It's a tough job to convince me to go high places. I've had a strong dislike *coughfearcough* of heights since I was little. I may just stick with looking at photos from others..