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Amachan Dreams in Japan, Pt. V

Tokyo DisneySea is a popular destination for couples. The way Amachan explains it, it seems Mystery Man was most excited for the day adventure. He had a great time, enthusiastically guiding Amachan by the hand everywhere and proudly showing a little PDA, ho ho. No one is too old or too young to enjoy the awesomeness of Disney. (disclosure: I was not asked by any Disney authority to speak highly of their establishment, although I may be open to it…)


Mickey Mouse is perhaps too popular for his own good, making people wait an hour just to take a picture with him. With only one day to spend in the park, ze couple had to skip out on a photogenic moment with the iconic mouse. I guess the wizard hat will have to do.

Mystery Man and Amachan spent a full day in Disney Sea, which seems to be the part that adults prefer. Honestly I think it's because you can drink alcohol in that section. For those curious it costs about ¥6,200 or roughly $60 for a single day pass.

A bonus jonus for the day is the fact that the employees knew the park so well; no matter who they stopped, someone was able to point them in the right direction. Amachan and I went to Disney World in Florida some years ago, but not everyone there knew the park so well, not even their own "park section" if you follow me.  

MM and Amachan ate 'under the sea,' a Little Mermaid themed restaurant called Sebastian's Calypso Kitchen located in the Mermaid Lagoon. They were impressed with the quality of the food, but taken aback by the portions. Perhaps it can be overlooked because it was served in dishes shaped as sea shells. Maybe? As expected in any amusement type park the food was fairly expensive, usually between $20-25 per meal for the both of them.

Amachan noticed that some of the people dressed as Disney characters were not Japanese, but foreigners.. Now that is some dedication, shipping in foreign folk that I assume resemble each Disney character.

Well woo-hoo, that is an impressive light fixture. Amachan said that the Arabian Coast was her favorite section of the whole park. Hmm, is that a fair judgement considering she and MM weren't even able to scout out the entire park?

An interesting observation was the cleanliness of the park, which even surprised MM. If you don't know already Japan in general is a very clean country, so if you can surprise a Japanese citizen at the cleanliness of your establishment, I tip my hat to you. Should the prize be bigger than that? Piece of candy?

If you think foreigners have problems telling apart Asian folk, pshaw Asians have the same issue too. MM and Amachan wanted to have their picture taken together, so MM stopped a gentleman and asked him [in Japanese of course] if he could help them out. Turns out he was Thai. Amachan found this a bit amusing, mentioning that her sister (yours truly) is married to a Thai gentleman... At least I found that to be a fun story, ahem. 

Tinker Bell of course, one of Amachan's favorite characters. She even has all the Tinker Bell movies, although the third one was a little disappointing. Better luck next time with the fourth movie, as I'm sure there will be one.

One of their favorite moments was watching a performance which took place on water and ya know, floats. MM was like a kid in a candy store, ooo-ing and aww-ing and clapping. Now this is not normal (for lack of a better word?) behavior for a Japanese person, who are often well reserved even when watching a performance of this nature. So, not only did MM and Amachan stand out a bit for this behavior but for their PDA as well. A perfectly romantic setup dear readers; MM embracing Amachan from behind. Nothing to blow your mind. Ah yes, an adorable thought, they even danced a bit to the singing of the performance.

Have you been to Disney Sea in Tokyo before or any Disney park?

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